U.S. Department of Education releases "Covid-19 Handbook, Volume 2: Roadmap to reopen securely and meet all the needs of students" April 9, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576 , Press@ed.gov
  • today, the department US Education UU (department) launched the manual Covid- 19, Volume 2: Roadmap to reopen and meet all the needs of students to provide additional strategies to Safely reopen all schools of America and to promote educational equity when addressing the opportunities gaps that have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

    Building out of volume 1: Strategies to Safely reopen primary and secondary schools, which focused on health and safety measures that schools can use to successfully implement centers for the operational strategy of Prevention Control and Prevention (CDC), Volume 2 of the Manual focuses on research-based strategies to address the social, emotional, men. Tal-Health, and the academic impacts of the pandemic about students, educators and staff, such as how to address any possible anxiety or depression, some may face as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and almost a year of remote learning.

    "There is simply no substitute for learning in person," said Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona. "But as schools would bear their doors, we must also make sure that we are fulfilling the social, emotional, physical, mental, mental, health and health needs, and addressing the gaps that existed before, and were exacerbated by the pandemic. This is an opportunity for us not only to reopen our schools Safely, but make sure that our educational systems are truly serving all the students of our nation. "

    The release of today is part of the broadest effort of the Biden-Harris administration to provide the United States. , districts, schools and communities with the resources and support they need to return to learning in person Safely and quickly, and achieve the objective of the president of reopening most K-8 schools within the first 100 days of the Administration. Volume 2 identifies the strategies that states, districts, schools and communities can use by implementing the financing they have received from the US rescue plan, which invests $ 130 billion in safe reasing schools, holding their safe operation In person and addressing the impact of Covid- 19.

    Volume 2 also aims to meet with the call of President Biden for communities and the country to "build better". As states and districts continue to reopen Safely, the Department is encouraging communities to implement strategies that address student, emotional and mental health needs, including disproportionate toll, Covid-19, have had In marginalized communities and address inequities in our educational system that predicts and has been worsened by the pandemic.

    In February, the Department launched Volume 1 of the Covid-19 manual, which provides educators and staff with practical examples, route potatoes and tools to implement the CDC K-12 operating strategy for learning in Person, including the five recommended measures of key mitigation (universal and correct use of masks; physical distancing; Hand washing and respiratory label; maintain clean and healthy installations, even through ventilation; and contact tracking in combination with isolation and quarantine).

    Since the release of volume 1, the department and the CDC have met with educators; The elected state and local officials, including governors, mayors and legislative leaders in all states and territories; State School Officers; State advice of education; and stakeholder organizations across the country on how to securely reopen schools. Volume 2 includes many strategies and resources informed by these conversations and recommended by education, civil rights and research organizations.

    As part of the release of Volume 2, the Cardona Secretary will keep a verde


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