Use of a budget invoice As a leverage, state legislators are pressuring a nursing professor at the North Dakota State University to break down its long-term research project on youth sex education.

North Dakota has a single clinic that provides abortions, and is not part of planned paternity. But the Professor's sex education program is affiliated with planned paternity, which some state legislators say it is unacceptable.

An altered invoice fundamentally

Status Bist 2030, the Senate version of the state of the invoice, seeks to retain the key financing of any institution that is "sponsoring, associating, requesting grants with , or that provides a subsidy of the subsidy to any person or organization that he performed, or promotes the performance of, an abortion unless abortion is necessary to prevent the death of women. "

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    SB 2030, it was originally about a subsidy program From the North Dakota challenge, which coincides with $ 1 for every $ 3 donated to colleges for scholarships in certain circumstances. This program is generally incontroverted and popular among Republicans and Democrats alike. However, when he came up with a vote this year, however, he presented an amendment addressed to the link of the North Dakota State to planned paternity.

    The sponsor of the amendment, the Republican Janne Myrdal, told the senators that the legislation was in line with a state code that prohibits the use of public funds for "performance, reference and encouragement" of abortions

    "Any institution in North Dakota who get taxpayers money should follow the laws that are already in the Century code", Myrdal said during the legislative session earlier this year. Without referring to paternity planned by name, he continued, "they say they teach children who are high-risk. I bet it to say that what they teach is a rather high risk and I will not repeat any of those who teaches that organization because it is an information Pretty R-rating ".

    Several senators opposed the modified invoice on the land that plan paternity have nothing to do with scholarships. The bill finally passed the Senate by a clear margin anyway. Then he went to a House of Representatives of the State of the Subcommittee representatives.

    The subcommittee version of the Subcommittee Chamber would be reduced by 2.5 percent the operating budget of any campus that contracts with someone who "performs or promotes the performance of an abortion." < P> North Dakota State Station This type of cut would amount to $ 2.8 million from its own budget. The university was still waiting for the exact wording of the bill last week, but the associated press reported that the version of the house's amendment says that whoever firing such a contract would face a charge of misdemeanor, a prison and one Fine of $ 1,500.

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