The Secretary of Education joins Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Chuck Schumer for a round Table discussion with student loan borrowers and defenders April 2, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202) 401 -1576,
  • Today, Cardona Secretary He joined a round Table discussion along with Senate Mayority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Elizabeth Warren to listen to student loan borrowers and defenders shared his stories about the debt of student impact loans he has had in their lives. The borrowers and defenders included a veteran father of five who was deceived by a university for profit, a newly graduate of the University and a mother whose debt of student loans led her to experience the lack of housing. The secretary listened, asked the defenders questions and promised to take the information he learned and the stories he heard the Education Department to inform many of the future decisions regarding the debt of student loans.

    "What I am listening to all of you is only there is this cloud that hangs over the heads, but also that there is this great emotional impact that has severely interrupted their lives. This burden has created a generational impact. From anguish, "said Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona" Behind all cases, there is a family, there is a person, there is a story. All of you share your stories helps create an image of what it is. There is work to be done. I am committed to this, and your stories have strengthened my resolution to do everything you can to help you and students like you "."

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