U.S. The Department of Education announces additional assistance for students and Institutions through the HEERF Subsent program and the expanded SNAP benefits March 19, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, Press @ ed.gov
  • To provide continuous relief from the Emergency Covid- 19 and Implement provisions in the US rescue plan recently signed recently by President Biden, the US Department of Education. UU (Department) is announcing additional benefits, disclosure, flexibilities and guidance to help students, applicants Federal Student Assistance and Higher Education Institutions.

    New assistance to Institutions related to the use of relief funds Covid-19

    Today, the Department is issuing a guide on the use of funds received under the Fund of emergency emergency support of higher education (Heerf) Grant Program. The new Heerf Guide reflects a change in the previous position of the Department, which previously only allowed the funds received under the Law on Answer and Relief Assignments of Coronavirus, 2021 (CRSAA), which will be used for the costs incurred in or after December 27. Date of promulgation of the CRRSAA.

    "Complete and clear orientation on the use of HEERF subsidies will allow universities and universities to better address the academic needs of their students, as well as guarantee security and well. -Bell of all members of The campus community, "said Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. "One of my first priorities is to ensure that higher education Institutions have financial support and the necessary resources to support their students and mitigate the challenges caused by the Emergency Covid-19. Our latest actions will help the campuses to address those challenges ".

    The department is also complementing this interpretation change with additional guidance on how beneficiaries can calculate and charge "lost income" to their HEERF awards, as well as the release of frequently asked questions (frequently asked questions) to The public and subsidies deprived of non-profit Institutions and funds of granting proprietary Institutions for students.

    The updated guide:

  • emphasizes support for students with exceptional needs: the pandemic affects all students and has exacerbated inequalities. Within our educational system. This guide means that clear universities can cause financial aid subsidies to be given to dual enrollment registration, continuing education, students who are not found, or non-credit students, as well as a wide range of students With exceptional needs, such as certain refugees or people granted asylum.
  • Empower Institutions To use your grants to download student debts and support students' services: In addition to grants made directly to students, this guide illustrates opportunities for Institutions to use their own subsidies. To reimburse yourself to lost income. While supporting students during the pandemic, including unloading unpaid institutional balances so that students can resume their studies and subsidize child care services for students' parents.
  • Expand the flexibilities for the needs of students and Institutions presented by the pandemic: To address a large number of academic and safety concerns, the new guide provides university leaders flexibility in the use of funds. Universities will be allowed to use the funds of the HEERF grant to reimburse the income and expenses of institutional loss incurred on March 13. 1320, the beginning of the national emergency.

    You can find more information about the guidance on the notice of interpretation, frequently asked questions for lost income and updates to existing frequently asked questions.

    Direct dissemination to eligible students for the benefits of the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program

    Today, the Department informed the postsecondary Institutions that can perform direct disclosure to students who They can comply with the eligibility criteria expanded temporarily for the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).


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