• Cynthia Anthony, Acting President of Lawson State Community College, in Alabama, has been appointed to work permanently.
  • Gary B. Crosby, Vice President of Student Affairs at the University of Alabama A & M, has been selected as president of the University of Santa Elizabeth, in New Jersey.
  • Meghan Griffin, Associate Provost and Dean of Education without restrictions at the Southeast University, in Florida, has been promoted to the Academic Officer Provost and Chief Boler.
  • Cindy R. JEBB, Dean of the Academic Board and the Professor of Policies Compared at the United States Military Academy, in New York, has been appointed President of Ramapo College of New Jersey.
  • Robert McCarron, Senior Vice President and General Advisor of the Association of Schools and Universities Independent of Massachusetts, has been selected as President and CEO there.
  • Edward Seidel, Vice President of Economic Development and Innovation at the University of System of Illinois, has been appointed president of the University of Wyoming.
  • Brad Newman, plant manager for ZF Chassis systems, in Alabama, has been elected as president of Shelton State Community College, also in Alabama.
  • Beck A. Taylor, president of the University of Whitworth, in Washington, has been appointed president of the University of Samford, in Alabama.
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    Abortion Ruling Prompts Legal Questions

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