Ken Bain believes that the best new idea in education is not finding better ways to use technology. He believes in the courses: "Super courses", he calls them, which will transform the teaching and learning experience. With Marsha Marshall Bain, the long-standing collaborator of him, he explores these courses in Super Courses: the future of teaching and learning (Princeton University Press). Ken Bain, a former history teacher, founded centers for teaching at the Universities of Northwestern, New York and Vanderbilt. They answered questions about ideas in their new book by email.

Q: What does a "super course" do?

A: Since we spent 300 pages, exploring this question, we could not 't just justice with a brief summary. The quick response is that a super dish continues research on motivation, how humans learn, which means learning deeply and the best way to encourage that learning. It is an environment of learning that encourages intrinsic motivation to learn in a way that makes a sustainable, substantial and positive change in the way people think, acts and feels. It is not based on the ancient penalty to qualifications. jQuery (Document) .Ready (function () var cutsubmit; jQuery ('# block-block-block-181 .Popular-link'). Click (Function (Function () UallSubmit = jQuery (this). Attr ("HREF"); GA ('send', 'event', 'in the popular article at this time', 'in the article', the subdijo););); .Panel-panel. Most popular margin: 1EM 0 2EM; Filling of titlePopular: 0; Bottom filling: 8px; Borders: 2px Solid # EF7521, Color: # 000; Width: 100%; Source size: 18px; Source weight: 500; TEXT PRODUCTION: TEXT. Text-Aligned: Left; lower margin: 18px; upper margin: 14PX;. Size of FontPopular-Article: 16px; Line height: 20px; Filling: 0! IMPORTANT; Lower margin: 12px; Source weight: 500; Popular-item: Hoverbackground: #eee; most popular




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