The University of Rutgers announced on Thursday that it would require students to vaccinated against Covid-19 before coming to the campus at the next fall.

The public institution in New Jersey can be the first or at least among the first universities. To take the step of which the commandment students receive a VACCO-19 vaccine. Three different vaccines are currently authorized for emergency use, but are not yet fully approved, by the Drug and Food Administration of the United States. By making the decision on whether to demand vaccines approved through the Emergency Use Authorization process (USA), universities are stepping on unproven legal terrain.

Antonio Calcal, Executive Vice President and Director of Operations in Rutgers, said the vaccine. The requirement had been thoroughly reviewed by the Office of the General Council of the University. jQuery (Document) .Ready (Function () var AccuSubmit; jQuery ('# block-block-181 .Popular-link'). Click (Function () UallSubmit = jQuery (this) .attr ("HREF "); GA ('Send', 'event', 'in the popular article at this time', 'in the article', the subdijo););); .Panel-panel. Most popular margin: 1em 0 2EM; Filling of titlePopular: 0; Bottom filling: 8px; Borders: 2px solid # EF7521; Color: # 000; Width: 100%; Source size: 18px; Source weight: 500; Transformation of text: capital letters; Text-aligned: left; Bottom margin: 18px; Top margin: 14px; . Size of FontPopular-Article: 16px; Height of the line: 20px; Fill: 0! Important; Lower margin: 12px; Source weight: 500; .Popular-item: HoverBackground: #eee; The most popular

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    said the university, which is currently doing About 97 percent of your online classes, you want to find a way to return students to campus safely.

    "I'm now looking out the window and my campus is empty," said Calcado. "There is no one who passes through the streets, we have to use all the tools available in order to return the university experience for our students, they deserve the university experience."

    "When you make a decision of this magnitude, it will not be popular with everyone," he said. "We have students who will push again, we have students and families that we are extustible that we are forcing this because they feel that their son or daughter or being wanted is going to be much safer, since they come to college, the Spectrum really runs. "

    Rutgers is forcing students to provide evidence who have received an authorized vaccine for use in the US. UU (Currently those produced by Modern, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson). Although they will not accept other vaccines approved internationally, university officials say they will work with international students to help them get vaccived upon arrival at U.S.

    Students may request exemptions for medical or religious reasons. Students enrolled in online-only programs or continuing education programs outside campus will not be required vaccinated.

    Only one vaccine, manufactured by Pfizer, is currently approved for people under 18 (those 16 years old), which means that, from now on, there is only one option for students first-year that has not yet been 18 years old.

    It is expected that the supply of vaccines will increase rapidly in the coming months, with federal officials who say that all American adults should be able to obtain at least their first shot at the end of May.

    Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of The Right who studies the laws related to vaccines, said she believes that Rutgers is on a solid terrain in demanding a Vaccine Covid-19 . But she noticed two warnings.

    "Wrinkle at this moment is now at this moment vaccines are still under USA, and the OTH

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