ICYMI: Hosts Department Hosts National Safe School Reopen Summit March 24, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, Press@ed.gov
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    On March 24, 2021, the Department of Education organized the National Summit of Reopening of high school. The Summit brought together interested party stakeholders to discuss best practices to reopen schools quickly and safely.

    The program highlighted comments by President Joe Biden, Vice President of Kamala Harris, First Lady of the United States Dr. Jill Biden, Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardona, and Director of the Center for Control and Prevention of Diseases Dr. Rochelle Welensky.

    During the event, panels composed of students, educators and district leadership participate in productive. The conversation focused on its strategies towards the reopening and impact that the pandemic had on its instruction in its class.

    The Summit concluded with the Cardona Secretary announcing plans to implement summer learning and enrichment collaboration, an association between the Department of Education, the Association of the National Governor, and the State Officer Council of the State. During the Summit, President Biden gave observations and expressed support for collaboration:

    "Today I am calling all states, school districts, schools, community partners to work to ensure that all children have Access to high quality summer learning and enrichment opportunities this summer and beyond. This is essential for all students, particularly those that disproportionately affect pandemic, color students, English learners, students with disabilities, students without Home and all those who were without person. Instruction this year. The rescue plan provides the schools of resources that they need to do this. "

    The secretary also announced that he would be making a national tour of schools to discuss the individual needs of reopening and start the process. of reimagination education together.

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    Today: Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona expects 100% of the schools to be reopened by autumn

    Clock: Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said on Wednesday that he hopes that 100% of the schools will be open for learning in person in the fall, since vaccination efforts continue in the middle of the pandemic. "I do it, but I really want to focus on getting so many now in the spring," said Cardona to Hoda Kotb today. "I think that if we continue with mitigation strategies that we know work and use the financing of US rescue plans to put in those safeguards that are needed to provide safe environments for our students, we can really continue making the progress we are doing to get Students (back at school) in the spring ".

    The 74: Cardona Summit shines light on the districts with successful reopening stories and "real world evidence" of the following CDC guidelines

    Us the Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona , will travel to local communities during the next few weeks in a continuous boost to obtain more schools to open again before the 100-day deadline imposed by the Biden Administration.

    "My work, I can do better if I am listening to what is happening in the field," said Cardona to the spectators during a summit designed to highlight the Districts of Progress, have made the students return to the classroom. and address the loss of learning related to pandemic.

    As part of those efforts, the Department announced that it will join the Heads of State Education and Governors to support the Summer Learning Efforts of the States. Under the new US rescue plan, States have to reserve 1 percent of $ 122 billion specifically for summer learning.

    Week: Miguel Cardona presents a summer learning association, releases some covid-19 help from the United States Help Department. Education will join the governors and state education heads to help create plans for summer learning.

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