f. King Alexander will no longer be the president of the State University of Oregon after the University Trustee Board unanimously voted on Tuesday to accept the resignation of him. The Board also voted to place Alejandro on an administrative license, effectively, until April 1, when the resignation of him will come into force.

Alexander is one of the three higher education officials to go down from its publication following the launch of a report from the law firm, Husch Blackwell. The report detailed the poor management of Louisiana's accusations of sexual misconduct and Title IX procedures, while Alexander was President there. Les Miles, the former main football coach of LSU, "agreed mutually" to separate from the University of Kansas two weeks ago. Jeff Long, the athletic director of the University of Kansas who hired Miles to be a main football coach, has also been reduced.

Oregon State will pay Alexander $ 630,000, the same amount as the annual salary, in a global sum. Within 30 days of the resignation of it, more $ 40,000 additional for relocation expenses. The University will also continue to pay for the current health and dental benefits of Alexander, according to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Law, or Cobra, until March 2022. jQuery (Document) .Ready (function () var whatsubmit; jQuery ('# block-block-181. Popopular-Link'). Click (Function (), Utsubmit = jQuery (this) .attr (" HREF "); GA ('Send', 'Event', 'in the popular article at this time', 'En-Article', CuisSubmit););); .Panel-panel. Most popular margin: 1em 0 2EM; Filling of titlePopular: 0; Bottom filling: 8px; Borders: 2px solid # EF7521; Color: # 000; Width: 100%; Source size: 18px; Source weight: 500; Transformation of text: capital letters; Text-aligned: left; Bottom margin: 18px; Top margin: 14px; . Size of FontPopular-Article: 16px; Height of the line: 20px; Fill: 0! Important; Lower margin: 12px; Source weight: 500; .Popular-item: HoverBackground: #eee; The most popular

  • The President of the State University of Oregon waives AMID LES MILES FALLOUT
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