% 3cp% 3EOBSERVERS seeing recent reports of young crowds without masks% 2c Many presumed to be college students% 2C party on Florida beaches for spring Breaks may have had flashbacks to March 2020% 2c when the scenes were a lot The same% 2c only weeks after Coronavirus's pandemic had been declared and colleges were hurrying plans to keep potentially infected students away from Campus.% 3c% 3% 3cp at the time they did not know the Risks that the virus meantly supposed those risks% 2C as they delight in Miami and Daytona Beach. Some people may have been surprised to see that the same behaviors are repeated this year% although with greater public knowledge about the virus and, as new vaccines are administered to people throughout the country. Experts who drag the student's behavior during the pandemic were not surprised at% 2c However.% 3c% 2fp% 3E% 3cp% 3elaurence Steinberg% 2c to professor of psychology at the University of Temple and a leading expert in the behavior of Adolescents% 2C said students are receiving mixed signals at this time about whether% E2% 80% 99s safe to eliminate some of the precautions that the public has been urged to follow during the pandemic. He pointed out recent statements by Greg Abbott of Texas and other governors that their states are% E2% 80% 9c100% C2% open E2% 80% 9D and mask mandate lifting.% 3c% 2fp% 3% 3cp% 3E% E2% 80% 9C College Students are not more immune to messages than all others is% 2c% E2% 80% 9D Steinberg said. % E2% 80% 9Cbete of its age% 2c may be more susceptible to believing good news% 2c than% 5B for the control of the disease and prevention% 5D says is an incorrect message. In terms of what schools can do% 2c there% e2% 80% 99s, it is not a great offer.% E2% 80% 9D% 3C% 3BUT Schools this year, at least, during several Months to prepare and protect your campus. Many were decided in advance to eliminate spring Break and% 2C with it% 2c the potential that students would return to the campuses with a Covid-19 infection that could then be extended to neighboring communities.% 3c% 2FP% 3E % 3CP% 3EAcording to researchers Follow-up colleges% E2% 80% 99 Pandemic response plans% 2c Reality for most students this year is not a traditional week for spring Break. Almost 60% C2% A0peck of cancelligic colleagues Sporad Break or offers sporadic styles% E2% 80% 9th days% E2% 80% 9D Discount During the semester Instead of% 2c, while also discouraging distance trips from Campus% 2c, said Chris Marsicano. % 2c A Professor of Higher Education Practice in Davidson College and Founding Director of the college crisis initiative% 2c or C2I.% 3c% 2fp% 3E% 3CP% 3.The initiative% 2c that tracks institutions% E2% 80% 99 Answers to pandemic% 2c reviewed spring rest plans of almost 2% 2c000 colleges and universities% 2c, some of which had already announced spring holiday cancellations during the autumn semester of 2020. Universities% 27 days of Welfare went from the programming of long weekends in the academic calendar% 28% of C2% A50% 29 to cancel classes in one or more days at mid-week% 28AOUT 46% C2% A50% 29% 2c Marsicano said In an email. 3C% 2FP% 3E% 3CP% 3EANNE, RIDENHOUR% 2C A Senior in Davidson and a co-head of operations for C2I% 2C, said the cancellations of spring Breaks reflect a recognition by schools than the movement of the Students can increase case counts. On campuses and in the communities that surround them. A study published online in May 2020 and will soon be published as an article at the Journal of Urban Economics. Used cell phone data and academic information to suggest that Florida's spring trips and New York City last year increased Covid-19 stretched over students% E2% 80% 99 Return to campuses. 3C% 2FP% 3E% 3CP% 3EHE Calendar changes by patchwashers failed to be established in popular spring vacation destinations this year% 2c a Professor Paul Niekamp% 2C A of Economics at Ball State University In Indiana and co-author of the student travel study. He suggested that some students may have immunity to the virus if they were previously recovered from it% 2c and that some vulnerable people have been vaccinated% 2c, both, to a large extent, not the case of last year. Still% 2C it% E2


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