In an unusual public statement, the president of the University of Brandeis, Ron Liebowitz, supplied a one-year contract extension that offered him the University Trustee Board.

"The contract without departure, offered only six months before my term ends, would not allow me to complete the requests for undergoing donors, particularly those over $ 1 million, which the Board has affirmed that it is So critical for the future of the University, "Liebowitz wrote on Tuesday in a widely distributed statement issued through a public relations firm that is independent of the university.

The filtered letter, the Liebowitz follow-up statement and additional comments of Meyer Koplow, President of the Board, bring stagnation on the President's contract. Or the public sand. The two parties do not agree with exactly what the impasse has caused. Liebowitz insists that the short contract supply of the Board is based on an unfair evaluation of its fundraising performance. Koplow says Liebowitz made additional financial demands to which the Board could not agree.

Negotiations are still underway, and Koplow has asked Liebowitz to meet with the full board. It is not clear if the president and the Board will accept a contract before the five-year term of Liebowitz expires in June.

In the declaration of him, Liebowitz said he had a successful fundraising success and that a one-year contract extinguishes him and damages the college fundraising pipe.

"Our fundraising performance has turned the corner. Last year he saw the best 'money in Brandeis since 2010, excluding the unusual year of 2017 when Brandeis received a legacy of $ 50 million "He wrote Liebowitz. "More importantly, until February 2021, the new promises in the first eight months of the fiscal year have almost duplicated what they were for each of the last two full fiscal years, despite the pandemic".

He also described leading a campaign of $ 500 million in Middlebury College, where he was president before taking the helm in Brandeis.

Before the arrival of Liebowitz, Brandeis, a private research university in Waltham, Mass., Established as a Nonsectarian institution of the American Jewish community, I was struggling to raise funds. Former President Frederick Lawrence resigned in 2015 after fundraising revenues decreased under the leadership of him, falling from an average of $ 90 million per year to $ 37 million. When Liebowitz became president in 2016, the university had a structural deficit of $ 35 million.

The fundraiser is particularly important for Brandeis, said Larry Ladd, a principal consultant of the University and Colleges Administration Advisory Association. He has worked with college in the past. Since the university was founded in 1948, fundraising revenues have achieved a larger part of their operating budget than many higher education institutions.

"The president has to be on the background road more than most university or college presidents, so it is a higher value for the brandish board of what it would be in most of The other university and college boards, "said Ladd.

on Tuesday, Koplow, the seat of the Board, reiterated the same comments on the contract. Negotiations that provided the world. The negotiations initially stopped on the additional financial demands of Liebowitz, he said. He did not specify what the demands were.

"While it would be inappropriate to speak in detail about our contracts negotiations, they have lasted more than we expected," Koplow wrote in an email inside Ed Superior. . "Initially we offered that President Leibowitz essentially the same compensation he receives now, but he made additional financial demands that we could not accept.

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