It is a well-established fact that university university athletes better perform Academically than their male companions, especially at the highest levels of competition within the National Association of Athletics Collegiate. But comparing this year's Academic tournaments supports for the NCAA Division I Basketball Championships and men show that they contrast clearly.

Twelve Basketball teams competing in the tournament 2021 had perfect Academic progress rates of the NCAA for 2018-19 Academic year, compared to one of the male teams competing in The tournament this year.

Women performed at such a high level, in fact, that we decided to appoint two teams from the winners of the winners of the interior of this year, the Academic Performance Tournament of the upper ED of this year , as all the metrics we use to determine which teams have senior students have. It is not the first time that this happened for women's teams in the history of our peculiar tournament, which gives credit teams for their Success in the classroom instead of their court skills.

Women's teams at Stanford University and Lehigh University will share the Academic crown; Both teams had a perfect 1000 in the Academic progress rate of the NCAA, a 100 100 in the Success rate of the NCAA graduation and a 100 100 in the federal graduation rate.

The support is based on the Academic reporter more recently on the teams. Progress rate, the multiyear measurement of the Academic Success of a team's Academic Success. APR excludes athletes to leave their institution in good Academic condition, so players who leave the university to play professionally do not count as dropouts.

When two teams are tied to the APR, which occurred frequently with women's teams. Year: We go to the most recent graduation rate of the NCAA (2019-20, in this case). The GSR measures the proportion of athletes that graduated within six years of entering the institution and, as Apr, excludes athletes who leave an institution in good Academic condition. The GSR also accredits programs for players who are transferred and graduated from the institution, and as a result, average rates are significantly higher than the federal government's graduation rate.

We are going to break the links between the teams we use the Federal Rate if it is completely necessary. For women this year, that drastic step was taken several times. By the elite 8, all the basketball teams of women who remain in the Academic support had an APR of 1000. The rest of the support was determined by the graduation rates of these teams, when the Academic measure of the NCAA would not .

Check out the full support below.

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