President Biden killed a controversial Executive Order of triumph that prohibits "divisive concepts" in the training of diversity financed with federal funds by assuming the position. Now Iowa legislators are trying to revive the prohibition within their state.

They have made some significant progress: the Senate 478 file, as legislation is known, approved the Iowa Senate this month, with them all votes. 33 Republicans present and four of the Democrats. The bill is pending before the Judicial Committee of the Iowa House. Separately, this week, the Iowa House approved a similar version of the Legislation, the File of the House 802, along the lines of the party . Republicans control both cameras from the Iowa General Assembly.

With a language very similar to the order of TRUMP, Iowa's invoices prohibit race and sex "stereotypes" and "divisive concepts" in The training of diversity. Such ideas are that a race or sex is "intrinsically superior" to another, that the state of Iowa is "fundamentally" racist or sexist, and that a person, under race or sex, is "inherently racist, sexist U Oppressive., Whether consciously or unconsciously ".

Other prohibited concepts: that a person, based on race or sex ", has the responsibility of the actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex", and that anyone should feel "Discomfort, guilt, anguish or any other form of psychological anguish" for similar reasons. Meritocracy and "features as a hard work ethic" can not be described as racist or sexists under the bill.

Invoices apply to public colleges and university staff or students' training, led by employees or contractors. Institutions can continue the training that encourages a "respectful" work environment or a learning environment for all.

The Executive Order of Trump caused the University of Iowa to temporarily detained its diversity training programs. The Associate Vice President of the University of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Liz Tovar, wrote on a campus note at the moment when "diversity, equity and inclusion remain as fundamental values ​​within our institution." However, he said, after "consulting with Multiple entities and, given the severity of sanctions for non-compliance with order, which include the loss of federal funds, we recommend that all units be paused temporarily over a period of two weeks."

The University resumed the training of diversity in October, following a review. Jeneeane Beck, a spokesman, said this week that the University "remains firm in its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. That includes exchanging various ideas and concepts, embed in the central fabric of our institution and providing a cozy setting where the prospects can be shared without fear of retribution. "

With respect to the new legislation, Beck said the university provides college. Dei Training "In support of its fundamental values ​​and is totally committed to the debate" with respect to invoices, among others.

This year in Iowa, Republicans have floated invoices that seek to track the political affiliations of university employees and final termination. Those do not have the impulse of diversity training legislation.

Claire Celsi, a Democrat of the Iowa Senate who voted against that house's diversity training invoice, said she did it, because it was fundamentally an "Executive Order of Trump". That would limit the topics of diversity training, such as white privilege and white fragility. Celsi also said that groups with which she shares priorities, including NAACP and One Iowa, a LGBTQ defense group, opposed.

Republican Senator Amy Sinclair, that Bill's sponsor said last week during a Senate debate on whether the bill would cool discourse, "I would challenge you to do the opposite contractor," according to The Gazette. "Because the chilling effect has already happened."

'in full conflict'

A separate section of the Senate Diversity Training Invoice


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