The Board of Trustees of Oregon State University voted 12 to 2 Wednesday to place the President of the University, F. King Alexander, on probation, effective immediately.

The vote concluded a meeting of the Fellaada Board focused on a report launched earlier this month who found Louisiana State University ill managed dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct, including accusations against his ancient Main football coach Les Miles, for a period when Alejandro was the president of LSU. Alexander was President of LSU 2013 until 2019.

Alexander, who became the president of Oregon State last year, will remain at parole until June 1, when the Board will be discussed again for Discuss your destination at the university. Meanwhile, the Board "will make an evaluation to collect comments to help inform the success of President Alexander and to address leadership comments received by the Community," according to the approved resolution trustees.

The Executive Committee of the Board also hires an independent consultant to review the recommendations of the LSU report and monitor pending asks of the Board. The results of this review will be made public.

Also during the trial period, Alexander will be required to review the recommendations of the LSU report and identify opportunities to improve Oregon State policies and procedures, and evaluate financing needs for Title IX services and Survivor. He must also develop a plan to reconstruct confidence among college employees, students and community members.

The LSU report, completed by the Husch Blackwell law firm, documents several systemic faults in LSU on the University's Title IX report. Policies and procedures while Alexander was president. The report also focuses a large extent on how the LSU Department of Administration and Athletics mistreated the accusations of sexual misconduct against thousands, who was the college football coach until he was fired to Midway to the 2016 season. Miles denied The accusations in the report and left office as a main soccer coach at the University of Kansas last week after the LSU report became public.

Oregon State Trustees Michele Longo Eder and Khawater Hussein, who is a current student in Oregon's state, voted against the motion.

"I do not think there are meaningful questions that remain on the contents of the report, and it is concerned that there is any element of kicking a decision Down the Road," said Longo Eder.

During the meeting of the Wednesday Board, several trustees involved pointed out an email to Alejandro by Joe Alleva, the former Athletics Director of Louisiana State, in which Alleva encouraged Alejandro to reject miles and wrote That thousands continued to send text messages, call and be alone with student workers, even after they were told not to do it.

"Once again, I want us to think about what scenario it is worse for LSU. Explaining why we let it go or explain why we let it stay," he wrote Alleva. "I always believe that people are innocent until they are proven with guilt and, in that case, I think it is guilty of insubordination, inappropriate behavior, putting the university program, sports and football department with great risk."

Alleva sent the email in June 2013, a couple of weeks before Alexander assumed the presidency in the state of Louisiana.

Alexander told the Board of Trustees of the State of Oregon that the Board of Supervisors at Louisiana State University decided to retain miles before he became president. And that he was not involved in that decision.

"The decision to keep on the miles with some sanctions was made by the Board and was held two months before my arrival in LSU," Alexander said. "And that was based on the fact that there was no sufficient evidence to finish the soccer coach."

Alexander repeatedly told the Board of Trustees of the State of Oregon that he could not eliminate miles by the accusations of previous sexual misconduct because he did not have enough

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