As the Coronavirus pandemic forced the university campuses to be closed last March, Tiana Iruoje hurried to quickly transmitting peer tutoring services at the Ludicial School of Informatics, Computer and Engineering of Indiana University.

Iruoje, director of commitment and success of students for the school, I needed to be able to track the Check-ins and the schedules of the students. She almost hired a student from computer science to develop from scratch a system that could do so.

"The time and resources that we had happened to do so was outrageous," she said.

"It was a steep learning curve for all". said Schotka, Director of Certifications of the Association of Reading and Learning of the College, or CRLA, a national group of members of the academic support professionals established by benchmarks and guidelines for tutor training programs and has certified more than 1,200 programs around the world.

Some institutions, such as Luddy School, were addressed to third-to-profit companies that provide software for the management of the learning center and an online platform for tutoring sessions. The executives of the Companies said their services are requested more frequently, and have experienced massive increases in use, since the pandemic was declared. They promote their products as a comprehensive solution for colleges and universities that aim to expand the scope of their peer tutoring services, which experts say they have the potential to increase students' grades and graduation rates.

But companies rely mainly on the work of students hired by their institutions to provide academic help to other students. The directors of the learning center were concerned, the tutors would move away from their work, said Jon Mladic, Director of Professional Development for CRLA. After all, the tutors are the students first, and they were experiencing their own uncertainty, personal adjustments and challenges caused by the pandemic, he said.

mladic, who is also a dean of library and learning services at the University of Rasmussen in Illinois, said the stories of learning centers across the country showed otherwise. As the pandemic caused poor academic results for students during the spring and autumn semesters of 2020, tutors, who tend to be high-performance students, were willing to continue and, in some cases, increase the level of academic support , they provided their peers.

"It has been incredibly comforting to listen to the programs where colleague tutors intensified," said Mladic. "It was an incredibly disinterested act at the time, and really made a difference for many programs."

'Interactions between peers for educational purposes'

The level of support and inter social

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