The good news about the Vaccine Covid-19 could not have come at a better time for university admission officers. Dozens of colleges and universities have recently announced that they will be open in person. This autumn after waiting weeks or months to go public with autumn plans.

"after being in quarantine for most of most of a year, if not a year, many people, and that include students, they are eager to respond to a certain appearance of the normal , "David Hawkins, Director of Education and policy officer of the National Association of Advice Advice of the University. "A large part of the residential university experience is reaching campus and living in a bedroom and doing the things that all associate us with college."

The stakes are high. Registration in the Bachelor throughout the country has been decreasing since the pandemic began a year ago. It will take efforts so that the universities return to the students return to higher education, especially to color students, who have abandoned the sector at higher rates than their white companions during the pandemic.

"The idea that a college will open is a great news for future students," said Hawkins. "That is a particularly important message to get help to make sure that the class you have enrolled is at least something close to what you would have projected in normal times."

Although the falling plans of schools can be driven mainly by public health news, communications to students and the time of those communications are always strategic, Hawkins said. Stephanie Fren, Vice President of Marketing and Foreign Relations at Goucher College, Eco's comments from Hawkins and pointed out the importance of announcing a semester of autumn in person for residential colleges, as a government.

"" If last year he taught us something. , is that uncertainty has become a certainty at this time, and the more we can get a strong message that reinforce the fact that we will be open, we will be residential, we will only reaffirm future students, current students and their families that we are Moving in the right direction, "said Fren." Part of what we offer is that the residential experience and the community that is built by being a residential campus ".

Gobo, a small private university on the outskirts. From Baltimore, he said this week that all students will be able to return to the campus for the autumn semester. Several other small private universities, including Blue Mountain College, Finland University and Kentucky Wesleyan College, have announced in person autumn semesters.

honesting publishing is part of any good admission strategy, said Ronald Rochon, president of the University of Southern Indiana. Being in front with the Students and parents about what kind of experience students will have at college is essential to influence the decision of it.

"Admissions are always in my mind with respect to, not only new people in the seats, but also the ways we transmit a very precise understanding of what people will receive when they come to the campus ", He said.

Public universities and university systems have also been producing advertisements of falls in person. In recent weeks. The University of Tennessee announced on Thursday, would offer a fully in person campus experience. This fall, which means teaching in the classrooms in capacity, which returns to the normal housing of the campus, reopen the dining rooms, completely personal.

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