U.S. The Department of Education continues the aggressive plan to safely reopen the schools will help schools navigate with reopening, share best practices and access billions in funds to support the reopening of high school through of the US Rescue Plan March 12, 2021 Contact: Press Office (202) 401-1576, Press@ed.gov
  • After President Biden's Signing the US Rescue Plan in the Law, the United States Department of Education announced additional details about their plans to support the Schools to return securely to instruction in person. The Department of Education will provide best practices, guidance and support to schools as they navigate through reopening, while the US rescue plan will provide $ 130 billion to help schools implement these safe reassembly measures and address needs Academics, social and emotional students. These efforts are part of the US Secretary of Education. UU The priority of Miguel Cardona to support schools, campuses and students throughout the country and was described in the Executive Order of President Biden to support reopening and functioning Continuous schools and childhood education providers.

    "Students learn better in schools," said Cardona Secretary. "Our main priority is to ensure that the United States schools continue to reopened as fast and quickly possible, and our work is to provide states, districts, educators and families with the resources they need to do so. Now that the plan of American rescue has been logged in, we can obtain additional funds from the States and the districts to safely reopen and address the needs of students. These actions will provide schools, educators and families with additional support to ensure that Our students and communities arise from this stronger challenge. "While Cardona recognizes that there is no single-sized solution to reopen schools, the department will work with state and local communities to ensure that schools and campuses can quickly access and Use US rescue plan funds and know how to use. To support your reopening efforts and address the needs of students.

    Today's announcements include additional information on steps the department is taking to help schools and communities share best practices in reopening and how to implement effective solutions.

    The department will convene a virtual summit of reopening of the school to meet this month to share best practices, discuss the successful mitigation and reopening strategies, and learn students, educators and other experts. The Summit will offer a forum for researchers and professionals to discuss strategies to address the social, emotional and academic needs of students, with an approach in more unattended students, since many schools across the country continue their work to reopen safely . It will also present experts of centers for the control and prevention of diseases (CDC) and the US Department of Education. UU that will discuss how schools can be reopened safely and how biden administration provides support and resources to schools, Educators and students as they work to reopen safely and address the needs of students.

    The department is launching the "Saferadas and Campuses Best Practices Clearinghouse", requested in the Executive Order of President Biden, starting with the series "lessons from the field". The CLEARINGHOUSE will highlight the lessons learned and best practices that can help schools and districts identify opportunities to better use US rescue plan funds to meet their unique needs. The CLEARINGHOUSE will include resources that will be allocated to the needs of students and teachers, teachers and staff in early childhood programs, K-12 schools, and colleges and universities in three main areas:

  • safe environments and Healthy: School and Campus approaches the implementation of the Disease Control and Prevention Centers (CDC). Recommended mitigation strategies
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