Congress is prepared to send another $ 40 billion in aid to the schools and universities of the Nation after the Senate approved a $ 1.9 billion coronavirus relief invoice on Saturday.

the house is expected to pass the measure, which contains the greatest infusion of Higher Education approved by Congress during the pandemic, as soon as Tuesday, sending it to the President Biden for the signature of him .

Biden called the Senate Pass of the Bill "Historic" and a "Giant Step Forward" to provide help to Americans during the pandemic.

Money will be distributed to public and private institutions. Universities and universities are required to spend at least half of money on emergency grants to students. Whether undocumented and international students can get the help, however, it has not yet been decided by the Department of Education.

The approval of the Senate of the Relief Pack was also a victory for those who have long called at the close of the Laguna de la Federal Law that say it gives institutions for profit an incentive To recruit veterans and military service members.

A provision that would close the call Laguna 90-10 by changing how Bill Gi dollars are counted. He survived a last minute attempt from Senator Tim Scott, a Republican of South Carolina, to eliminate him from the relief invoice. However, to avoid it, the Democrats agreed on a bipartisan amendment, during a session of more than 24 hours, which lasted overnight until Saturday morning, so as not to carry out the change for two years.

The approval of the Senate of the bill was also a victory for those who press for the cancellation of the student debt. The Senate approved another amendment that would exempt any amount that is forgiven from federal taxes for five years, should start the Congress or Congress to cancel any debt.

The defenders had been concerned that the debt would be canceled, the borrowers would have to pay more in taxes than, otherwise, they would have had to spend on reimburse their loans.

"This erases the way for the President Biden to #CancelstudentDentudebt without overwhelming borrowers students with thousands of dollars in unexpected taxes," Senator Elizabeth Warren wrote on Twitter on Sunday. Warren, a Democrat of Massachusetts, and Robert Menéndez, a Democrat of New Jersey, sponsored the amendment that makes any amount canceled without taxes.

Warren and other progressive Democrats in Congress have asked Biden to cancel $ 50,000 from the debt of each borrowing student loan. But Biden has said that he does not have the authority and questioned the impartiality of canceling the debt of the graduates of elite universities.

The debate on the 90-10-year rule has been a controversial between the profit. Industry and its critics. Currently, universities and universities are required to have at least 10 percent of their income from Different sources from the federal government. This limits the proportion of the income that institutions can obtain from the federal support of students to no more than 90 percent. Those who do not comply with the Rule are obliged to be able to receive any of the more than $ 100 billion, the federal government grants every year through student aid.

The rule was enacted under the theory that for profits, if they are of quality, they must be able to obtain at least 10 percent of their students who wish to pay to attend or employers subsidizing The cost of its workers receiving training in institutions.

however, industry critics for lighting has been complained for a long time the rule does not count the members of the money service and veterans use for their education through the GI Invoice in favor of profits such as federal dollars.

Because GI Bill dollars count to help for profits, comply with the minimum requirement of 10 percent, defense groups such as the success of veterans education have argued that the rule gives A institutions for profit an incentive to aggressively recruit the members of the service and the veterans, which leads many of them to be


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