Virtual recruitment is at the same time a relief and concern for college students, who feel mixed emotions as employers, colleges and universities have had to fight to change the online work fairs in the middle of the pandemic.

that leaves students colleges and employers who face Different versions of the same questions: How can they better use a relatively new medium, electronic recruitment, to match talented graduates with open positions in a Turbulent labor market? Do they have the skills and level of comfort necessary to prosper in this new world of remote recruitment?

According to the new survey data published by the job search platform, 48.7 percent of the students who responded were less intimidated online interviews for work and internships that interviews in person. But 52.2 percent expressed concern about their ability to communicate effectively from behind a computer screen.

The survey of just over 1,000 American students in four-year-old schools, held in January, found that 44.5 percent respondents appreciate the reduction of programming barriers that interviews in Line allow. But a slightly larger proportion of students, 52.8 percent, worried, could not make a connection as strong a connection with the recruiters remotely as they would in person.

The results of the survey illustrate that students see the advantages of a remote system, but they are not sure of the expectations that are put on, Christine Cruzvergara, Vice President of Higher Education and Student Success for the Handshake, which is an important player in online employment recruitment of college students.

Online work fairs, meetings and interviews are still recent developments for many students, and it is natural that some can feel taxation about these new configurations, said CruzVergara. She pointed out, there is a big difference between sitting on a virtual classroom and listening to a conference in front of really talking one with someone with someone about Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Each platform has its own peculiarities that only become familiar with the experience, she said.

"Students want to make sure they are doing all the things that they should be doing to present their best in this new medium." Said Cruzvergara. "There will always be a little nervousness at any time that uses a new tool."

At the same time, many companies have been forced to improve their online recruitment processes due to Covid-19, said Casey Welch, co-founder and stem CEO, a recruitment platform designed for high school students and university.

"There were some companies that focused on the virtual recruitment before the pandemic because it diversified its candidate pool." Welch said. "When we were remote and the students could not go to school or the University in person, other companies could not recruit in a traditional way, they had to turn around".

In the results of the handshake survey, 70 percent of respondents reported that they believe that employers should participate in virtual career fairs. The stem investigation found similar results, said Welch. In particular, he said that Gen Z students think about their career routes before Millennials, wanted employers to be more proactive in contacting them.

Arabella Werner, a senior at the University of Louisville that is specializing in communications. And Mayoring in Spanish, recently secured a sales position in Dell Technologies after the company invited her to attend an online information session through the handshake platform.

"I have been sent a message that she claimed that they had an information session in two weeks., RSVP here. So, I went on and RSVP'D," said Werner. "I really did not know what to expect, so it was a bit of nerves, but I thought I would give me an opportunity."

Werner learned a lot about the information session technologies and found the less stressful virtual environment than a career fair in person, she said. S.


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