As an academic, do you love you "the left lane of an Istanbul road"? Or a "pretentious Fox Terrier"? Or, in a bad day, "Satan"?

A new document established to see if the perceptions of academics in Turkey and Great Britain are "changing from the well-known" reputation "of the ivory tower," using metaphors.

The authors, from the University of Süleyman Demirel in Isparta, Turkey and Soas University of London, asked the academics themselves, students and members not educated by the University of the Public who fill in the Blank spaces in the statement. "An academic is like ... because ..."

The total size of the sample in the three groups was 642. Then, the authors "eliminated" 341 answers because some respondents did not really capture the Exercise concept, or metaphor in general.

"An academic is like a man sitting on a desk because that's how I imagine them," he replied that one excluded the Layperson British.

Once this chaff had been ordered, the metaphors of the academics go from the widely sensitive ("Swiss army blade: everything from science to bureaucracy, from domestic tasks until Research ") to the satirical (" a beggar: they are constantly trying to obtain funds "); To the very geographically specific ("left rail of Istanbul roads: Want to move forward, but those who do not deserve to block their way").

British students showed intense grids ("Fox Terrier: that caught the opinions of others, as they take their own as an objective") as well as the mockery in an impressive way ("Email: almost nobody reads them ".)

Metaphors of the non-university public in Britain covered in melancholy (" four-leaf clover: They had luck lucky enough to find a job at the academy ") and the enraged (" martyr Titled: They constantly put in many hours per little pay (comparatively), but the child makes sure everyone knows how difficult they are working and how poor time they are! "). Some academic companies participated in the questionnaire?

Melih Sech, LEBIDA AUTHOR of the paper published in the most superior research and development and development of education in the Social Labor Department in Süleyman Demirel, stressed that the survey was "not representative, merely exploratory" . But he said that students in both countries "attributed most of the negative metaphors to academics, perhaps due to hierarchical relations between them" and in Britain "often associated with academics with privileges."

"Academics look as researchers in both countries, but within the United Kingdom there were more emphasis on the various barriers to financing, promotion and ... Passion of perceived financing," Sever added .

The final words and punishment go to the member of the public in Great Britain, who described an academic as "a bad dinner guest: they are not good to talk about normal things."

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