Nate Tilton often found hard-camping spaces to navigate. A student of a Master's Degree in Medical Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, Tilton, is a user of energy chair and a disabled veteran. Once, when the design of an amphitheater did not allow his chair the space to turn around, he sat through a whole class in front of a wall.

Tilton Sometimes I would ask teachers if he could conference conferences instead of attending. in person. But when the teachers allowed him, he said, often put the burden of accommodation, asking him to find a friend in class who could convey the conference.

"I have to depend on someone else to approach, instead of depending on the institution," said Tilton, who registered at his campus disability office. "If I do not have a friend in that class, as you can imagine, that would be difficult."

But now that the courses are about zoom, things are better. Finding notes Takers has been more difficult, Tilton said, but everything is automatically online. He can lie on the floor with his camera and do grounding exercises to calm anxiety attacks during class.

"Now that we are in all this zoom-Topia that has not been asked to have a friend at all," he said. "When we go back to school, will we ask me that Return to that? "

Another disabled student in Berkeley, who wanted to stay at anonymity, had similar experiences. When the medical condition of it burns, it is difficult to attend the class. She asked her teachers from her a flexible assistance policy or conference recordings, but even though she is registered with her disability office, some denied her requests. .

"Teachers in general do not usually provide an asynchronous option or a view option from the home, which is often quite frankly losing material," said the student. "I can 't Show a domain of the material that never allowed me to learn."

But now that Berkeley is holding online classes, she says she is prosperous. Wh is she in too much pain to move, she can see the conferences of her bed.

"Actually I've never done it so well in my classes before," she said. "It has basically transformed my academic experience."

Many students have found that online learning is onerous and isolate themselves. But for some disabled students, it is a pardon. Several students who attended the Campus of the University of California said that many of the accommodations asked for pre-pandemic have become universal now for all students, especially those related to flexible assistance and conference recording.

Some expressed the frustration with what it was happened, explaining that when the disabled students needed flexibility, they were told that it could not be done. But when Covid-19 became an emergency for everyone else, the campuses discovered the recording of simulation and video in a matter of weeks.

But mostly, these students are thinking about the future. Now that Covid-19 has proven to be the viability of hybrid and flexible classes, do the institutions make disabled students return to the way things were?

"We have shown through this that we can accommodate the people who can" t physically attend the conferences, "said Berkeley's anonymous student." We have a concept of concept. "

'A work in progress'

Different experience. Lauren Anding, a UC Riverside student who examines the accommodation for the Ad- Committee HOC of the disability of the UC system, said some students have had more problems during the pandemic, especially those who need additional time in the tests and tasks. Teachers are more concerned about cheating in the online environment, he said, And some of them simply do not know how to operate the technology to give an extra hour of an individual student.

but many autistic students who have heard, as well as students with chronic diseases or


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New Presidents or Provosts: Adler U, Antioch College, Arkansas State U, Coast Mountain College, Gordon State College, Robert Morris U (Pa.), Touro U–Nevada, U of California–Los Angeles, U of Michigan

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