Numerous institutions have dismissed the members of the faculty holding for budgetary reasons in the last year without declaring the financial requirement, since their internal policies would be required. The temporary solution is COVID-19 and the financial precariousness it presents.

John Carroll University, a small Jesuit institution in Ohio, already delivered terminal contracts to two professors holding the history of art and eliminated the department without declaring financial. requirement. Now it goes further, permanently reducing the bar so it constitutes the kind of budgetary problems that allow layoffs from faculty holding.

'budget difficulties'

Whereas the financial requirement means a budget crisis that threatens the survival of an institution, John Carroll now says that it can set fire to the members of the Individual Holder Without cause in cases of "budget difficulties". This is defined as an annual budget deficit of 6 percent projected, more than two years more of predicted challenges.

At the same time, John Carroll is denying the members of the faculty the right to appeal these terminations. The members of the faculty still have certain protections under the most strange concept of financial requirement.

Even more ironic, at least to the faculty members, is that John Carroll's board of directors says he is taking these steps to protect and strengthen tenure. It has been said in numerous campus communications and a public statement on recent changes, which are now coded in the faculty manual.

The long-standing manual is "outdated, does not promote impartiality and equity, and is not consistent with best practices in higher education," said the board. "Modeling after similar practices and language found in other universities, including a series of successful Jesuit institutions, amendments prioritize the retention of holding positions and the preservation of academic freedom, to which the Board is fully compromised."

The Board has also described the budget difficulties as a tool similar to a "scalpel" to treat personnel cuts, instead of the most forceful instrument that is the financial requirement.

Brent Brossmann, Professor of the President of the Council and Faculty. , called the explanation of the Board "Mind-Boggling".

trying to save the holding

what John Carroll says, holding is done effectively there, he continued. "We are at the end of our ingenuity and we are looking for ways to save it." "

John Carroll Board approved changes on Monday, but the Faculty has one last hope: that the Board will vote on a set of alternative proposals for the reduction of teachers' costs next week. Those include those include Make it easier to temporarily reduce faculty salaries, although the university and cut off the faculty salaries of 5 to 10 percent without the approval of teachers in July. The Faculty approved this set of holding conservation proposals, from 97 to 5, in October, and again last month, 122 to 11.

also last month, according to the faculty accounts, the university projected that it would end this year in the black, with a $ 100,000 surplus, although after taking advantage of its allocation of more than $ 220 million for $ 2.3 million. Even with a surplus, this year's budget would unleashen the new measure of budget difficulties. It would not rate as a financial requirement.

Mike Scanlan, a spokesman for John Carroll, said the actions that college took this year to balance his budget are not sustainable.

"As with other universities, John Carroll's challenges in this environment require us to lead us fundamentally our cost structure," said Scanlan by email. "We are aware of the 12 universities who have a definition of financial requirement or some other term that is less strenuous than that of JCU, as well as a provision that allows the elimination of faculty positions without eliminating the programs / complete departments" .

Changes are not just alarming to the faculty member

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