On February 29, 2020, Suzanne Ames was in the center of Seattle, giving a workshop at the National Conference of Baccalaureate College College. Ames is the vice president of instructions on Lake Washington Institute of Technology, a public technical university about 20 minutes by car east of the city.

"Coronavirus" was, at that moment, a word that begins to scale out of the back of the newspapers. The United States, on February 28, only had 64 confirmed cases of the emerging virus. But that morning, local news reported that they reported that Kirkland's life care center, an asylum of elderly in the area, had two confirmed cases, with almost 50 people who experienced symptoms. It was the new epicenter of the United States.

Finally, 42 people associated with the Kirkland life care center died from Covid-19. This was before all that, before the masks and tests, quarantine and social distancing.

"A dean of instruction called me to tell me we had students and nursing teachers and physical therapy at the life care center of the clinics," Ames said. They had been there only the day before. "It was very clear that Lwtech was in the heart of the epicenter."

Shortly after, Ames has another call. A Different dean had been contacted by state officials. They asked if the facilities of the university could be commissioned to store corpses if necessary.

"At that time there was no mistake that this was real".

LWTECH is very likely to be very likely. In the country that was affected by Covid-19. Officials, students and teachers There are experiences that are, at this point, the rule in institutions throughout the country, feelings of Getting sick, from scared, of running empty. But there are also feelings of gratitude, hope, acceptance and pride. This was not, by any means, a normal year.

'out of control'

Ruth Gelbach, a first-year nursing student at LWTECH, was at the Kirkland life care center with 15 other students for your course Clinic on February 28. She had heard about Covid-19. Nursing students had read about pathophysiology. But she did not think any of that that day in life care.

"We think there was a flu or cold virus that crosses the nursing home, which is not unusual at all," she said. But near the end of the day, students were told that the elderly asylum was in contact with the centers for the control and prevention of diseases.

After the news of Covid-19 cases were broken at the center of life care, the university was struggling.

"It was very clear that we were alone in this. We could not get officials on the phone. We could not get answers. Nobody had answers," Ames said. "We were in unexplored waters." The closed campus of the university for two days for deep cleaning.

"This was really when we did not know what quarantine meant, we did not have the vocabulary and understanding of the disease we do now." We were not masked, "said President Amy Morrison." I had no advice public health to give them immediately ".

He took health officials three days after the initial exhibition to recommend that students and self-quarantine faculty, but diagnostic tests were still difficult to Come.

Gelbach began to feel symptoms and worried. She has asthma and she is a single mother for a young son. At that time, nobody knew how the virus affected the children. She and her cohort entered Quarantine, and the University provided grocery store gift cards to compensate for lost salaries of their external employment. Ames and a DECAN University started tracking contacts.

Theresa Cadondon was in Class when they began or feel symptoms of Covid-19, a high fever and body pains. She was studying assistance of physical therapy and had not been to life. She still does not know exactly how she came infected.

"I never felt bad before," she said.

A member of the Positive Tested Faculty on March 4.

"At that point it became CL

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