U.S. Department of Education announced more appointed by Biden-Harris February 25, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576, Press@ed.gov
  • Washington - Today, the US Department of Education UU announced to the most political appointments that will lead several Parts of the Agency. These diverse and achieved persons will take a large amount of knowledge and experience to the Department, and will work to quickly advance the key education priorities for the Biden-Harris administration.

    Clarence "CJ" Powell, Special Assistant, Postsecondary Education Office

    CJ Powell worked more recently as an analyst at the Higher Education Program at the Civil and Human Rights Leadership Conference and the Education Fund of the Leadership Conference. In this role, he presented the civil rights coalition of higher education, a table of more than 50 national organizations of civil and political rights. CJ began at the career of him in educational equity as a university advisor in the university counseling body, attending students at Rural North Carolina in planning their postsecondary lives. After the graduate school, CJ served as fundamental director of college preparation for a new high school in Nashville, Tennessee. CJ has a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies of the University of North Carolina and a Master of Science in Education, in higher education, from the University of Pennsylvania.

    doralia "Allie" Aguilera, Deputy Head of personnel to the Deputy Secretary

    For more than a decade, Allie has been in operations, administration, politics and communications within the Government and without profit. More recently, Allie supported the domestic appointments during Biden-Harris's transition. During the Electoral Cycle 2020 Allie served as Deputy Operations Director of Kamala Harris for the People and as a voting expert for young people for several national voting organizations. Previously, she was a higher education and defender of health in young people invented young nonprofits. Allie served in the United States Department of Transportation during the second term of President Barack Obama and before she worked on racial and gender-capital issues at the Mayor's office in New York City. Allie has extensive experience in campaigns and elections at the federal, state and local level and began her career on the Democratic National Committee. She is a proud immigrant and Virginia and graduate from the University of Virginia.

    Christian Rhodes, Head of Personnel, Primary and Secondary Education Office

    Christian Rhodes served as Personnel Chief for Prince George County Public Schools. In this role, Rhodes supported the Executive Director through the management of specific business system functions. He began his career as a political organizer for the State Association of the State of Maryland, a state affiliate of the National Education Association and the Executive Adviser Office of Prince George County. Rhodes has a Master's Degree in Public Administration of the American University in Washington, DC and a Bachelor of Political Science of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    Blanchi Robero, Chief of Staff, Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs

    Blanchi Roblero will serve as Head of Personnel at the Office of Legislation and Affairs of Congress. Blanchi began her career in the United States Department of Education in 2012, where she achieved a range of areas of policy and funds, including credits, civil rights policy, higher education policy and other emission areas of key policy. She has participated passionately in the promotional efforts that address the problems of immigrants and women in the field of education. As a former student-immigrant, she understands the importance of empowering students encouraging them to explore and learn stories about their communities to preserve history and promote incl.

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