Higher education Leaders who worked closely with Dennis R. I stop reminding the university president as warm and committed, often invited to dine with clergy members as if he were in his order because others wanted to be around him.

"It was a greater personality than life," said Joseph Zimmer, who served as provocals and vice presidential of academic affairs at St. Bonaventure University, where the delegro was president since 2017. "It was An old school, handshake, backspace, stood workshop, AAA-conversation of boy ".

of the mixed died on Monday at the age of 62 years as a result of the complications of Covid-19. He first tried positive for the disease and was admitted to the hospital in December.

st. Boneaventure, a Franciscan University in Occidental New York with approximately 2,300 full-time students, credits, credits, with implementation of new registration and marketing strategies after he began as president. During his command, the University counted his three largest first-year classes to enroll in the last 11 years.

The University also accredits the Leadership of Deperro as an online graduate initiative was growing and launching a capital campaign that raised money to defend a new school of health professions.

st. Bonaventure will fly the flag of it in half of the staff in March. Zimmer, his Provost, is president of the performance, a title that was given last month, while the Deldomo was sick.

The death of the president in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic strike the St. Bonaventure community, Zimmer said. It is a nearest point, where approximately nine of nine students live on campus and the former students get involved in "the Bonnies", a long time after they leave the campus.

"This is the person who was our Leader and was an animator through the pandemic, until December," Zimmer said. "It's just a horrible tragedy."

of the dero was the kind of person who would visit on a slowed day because he could encourage them, Zimmer said. As a Leader, held away allowed those around him worked with autonomy. He could correct them when necessary without being rude or unpleasant.

Originally from Buffalo, the delegate spent almost all his 39-year-old career at the University Administration at Upstate New York. For eight years from 1982, he worked on admissions and relations of exalumns at the Buffalo College, the Alma Mater from him. He spent five years as Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid in Ohio at Marietta College before starting to work at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY, in 1995.

he did 18 years as vice president of enrollment management in Moyne, a Jesuit school. He became an inaugural dean of the Graduate School and Professional Studies of Le Moyne in 2013 and is credited with developing health care programs at the university. He was also a professor of management at the business school there.

Lemura worked with Deocro when he was Dean, Provost and President. She earned a PhD in the Higher Education Administration at Pennsylvania University and had a dream to be a university president, she said.

"I was reading the tea of ​​the leaves of interruption and the change in the academy, and he" had always been a true brand and marketing student and exploring new markets to keep institutions financially stable for that they could fulfill their mission, "he said." He was always at the top of his game with respect to what he should come next in terms of academic programs. "

Lemura described the dero as someone who saw the Glass as half full, even in times of stress. Those in Le Moyne are crying their loss, he said. He had built deep connections there.

"He had this particularly wonderful relationship with the Jesuit community," he said. " They would hug him and in


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