The recoil was quick after the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina chose one of theirs of being the next Chancellor of the University of State Fayetteville.

The selection of the board, Darrell Allison, resigned the Board in September to make an offer for the university university at the historically black public university. But even before that movement, Allison was a divisive figure in the higher education of North Carolina. He auditedly supported a controversial plan to preserve Silent Sam, a Confederate Statue at the University of North Carolina on the Chapel Hill campus, after the protesters knock him down in 2018. He has no experience in teaching or administration in education Superior, and spent much of his career that advocates the K-12 card schools. He currently serves as Vice President of the American Federation for Children, a School Election Defense Organization who has given money to conservative groups and candidates and was once chaired by Betsy Devos, the former Secretary of Education.

Several people who were familiar with the Chancellor's search process said Allison local media were not included in a list of finalists who went ahead of the University Trustee Board and that their Name was added outside the traditional search process. These sources allege the political connections and personal relationships of Allison with the Board of Governors, which finally assured the Foreign Ministry, according to the NC Policy Clock, a news and an output of comments affiliated with the Progressive Courthouse of Carolina North.

Fayetteville State and the Board of Governors of the UNC maintains Allison was named in line with the policies created by the Chancellor Searches Board. However, some employees and alumni of the state of Fayetteville Vocal see the appointment as a political movement, objecting the policy of Allison and the lack of experience in higher education. The faculty members are calling the Board to rescind their appointment and redo the search. The exalumans are threatening legal action.

Allison was not anyone's first choice on the search committee, an anonymous trustee told NC Watch politics.

"We had some very, very impressive candidates," said a trustee, according to the NC policy watch. "In that group it would be difficult for anyone with [Allison's] Résumé to make the first five ... even the 10 best, maybe."

A former Fayetteville State Chancellor, Willis McLeod, also questioned the search process. .

"For me, what is in question is how she got the job and the fact that she does not seem that the process she had described and published was followed," said McLeod, Wral Fayetteville.

The Board of Governors of the UNC monitors the entire UNC system, while the individual campuses are governed by their own trustee boards. Allison also has connections to the Fayetteville State Trustee Board, the mother-in-law, Brenda Timberlake, which is served on the board until the previous day, was appointed Allison, the observer Fayetteville reported. A university spokesperson told the observer that Timberlake did not participate in the search process.

The search for a new chancellor in the state of Fayetteville began in February last year, when former Aundional System Chairman, Bill Roper, called a search committee of 18 people in charge of reducing the number of Candidates to advance to the finalists to the University Trustee Board. Stuart Agustín, president of the Fayetteville State Trustee Board, directed the Committee. After the Trustee Board reviewed the finalists, a smaller number of finalists advanced to Peter Hans, president of the UNC system. Hans recommended a candidate at the Governoran Board, which should ultimately approve the new chancellor.

A spokesman for the Fayetteville State said that the search committee can recommend to the finalists to the University Trustee Board, but ultimately, the Board chooses who to recommend the president of the system.

"while the TR Board

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