In 2014, Lawrence University announced a plan to join the colleges of complete need, those who provide financial assistance to cover all license plates and rates for students admitted with "demonstrated financial need".

Space is dominated by the richest private schools. Only 65 institutions above all can make the claim.

Then, the president of Lawrence, Mark Burstein, launched a campaign to meet the complete need if Lawrence collected $ 85 million in endowed scholarship funds. The full speed of the total speed of the complete need was a success, widely embraced by students and former students, and an anonymous donor who initially gave $ 25 million and subsequently kicked another $ 5 million. In 2018, Lawrence officials counted the history of their commitment to satisfy the full need as soon as they raised enough money.

Last week, Lawrence announced that he has completed his fundraising campaign seven years (from which the maximum speed the complete need was part), raising $ 232.6 million. The original goal was $ 220 million.

Not only the university exceeded its total goal for the campaign, exceeded its goal for complete need. Burstein said that the final of the campaign to satisfy the complete need was $ 91 million, more $ 5 million additional that are not part of the campaign.

In fact, the university announced this in the campaign summary: "In addition to the support of Lawrence Scholarships and the contributions of their families, our students finance their education through student loans and wages gained by employment. Even so, these financial resources are not sufficient, and students may require more loans to fully finance their education in Lawrence. Jumpstarted in 2014 by a historical challenge that totaled $ 30 million, the maximum speed of the complete need is a AUDAZ MOVEMENT TO MAKE Lawrence ACCESSIBLE AND AFQUIBABABABLE TO EFFECT THE FULL PROFEDICAL FINANCIAL NEED OF EACH STUDY. The increase in financial aid will help our students graduate with less debt, increase the university. The four-year graduation rate, It allows legists longer to focus on academics and commit themselves more fully in the experience of Lawrence. The initial gift and answer. From the Lawrence community it has not been nothing less than a game changer. Approximately 60 percent of legislators receive financial assistance based on need; The average need is $ 26,000 per student (for national students requesting help). Lawrence has been able to close the financial aid gap for a growing number of students. "

But if I was waiting for Lawrence to also announce that it was moving to satisfy the complete need, you will need to wait a little more.

Burstein insisted that Lawrence is still committed to satisfying the complete need. But he said that several things happened that increased the cost beyond the $ 91 million that Lawrence posed for the task. < P> Some of the changes were made to Lawrence (and other schools). The Federal Loan Program of Perkins ended: Costando Lawrence families with financial needs of $ 1 million per year.

Some of the changes It was decisions of the legislation.. For example, he said that financial aid would apply to students who study abroad (a considerable number when there is no pandemic).

How much would it cost Lawrence to meet? with the whole Full home now? Burstein said the university decided first to finish the capital campaign and now discover it. He said it would be an amount that Lawrence could achieve.

"We really do not change" far from the goal, he said.

He also said that Lawrence had made real progress in limitation. The amount of need does not cover. In 2012, the unsatisfied need was more than $ 5,000 per student with unsatisfied need. Now it is less than $ 2,500.

The number of students whose need is not fulfilled is now approximately 100, 5 to 7 percent since the campaign began. (The total enrollment is approximately 1,500).

"This is still a central approach to us," he said. The message "resonated" with donors, and Lawrence will continue to try. "That was our aspirational goal," Burstein said.

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