Mount Holyoke College the abruptly informed staff and faculty members last week who are closing the child care center on campus in June. The members of the faculty say that they are disgusted, dismayed and even "embarrassed" by the University's decision, which Monte Holyoke framed as a problem of equity.

The school says that very few people benefit from the Children's Center of Gorse, because it offers subsidies to employees with domestic revenues of $ 85,000 or less. But the capital argument is rich, even apporating, some faculty members, who say that Mount Holyoke does not have a significant plan to offer more families more help with child care.

Mount Holyoke says he's adding money to an emergency Background for all parents, not just the center families, fighting carefully. But interrupted teachers struggle to find children's care spaces available in other places say that subsidies at once do not help them.

that Mount Holyoke is a college of the university of the woman who cuts the care of children during a pandemic that has disproportionately affected academic women to academic women. The insult, and, in the case of families seeking new child care options and not finding any, panic.

Numerous members of the faculty who may have qualified for the subsidy in which Mount Holyoke based his capital argument also say they were never aware of that option. Therefore, it is not clear that it was benefiting first.

"This is evacuating 50-plus children in the middle of the pandemic. It is immoral in so many levels," said Elif Babül, an associate professor of anthropology whose 6-year-old boy attended the center before passing to Kindergarten and whose 1 year old son is scheduled to start there today, after a covid- delay of 19 related; The center was reopened in October, but it is functioning a reduced capacity to allow social distancing. "This, for a university of liberal arts of a woman, is embarrassing."

last minute Sunday, the president of Holyoke, the president of Holyoke, Sonya Stephens sent an email to the employees to say that the school was distributing his plan to close the center, but she did not make long - Term promises.

"His disappointment of her, anguish and anger of her have been heard, for me, by the Trustees, and by the Leadership Team," Stephens wrote. "During the weekend, we participate in a defiant but necessary interrogation of our decision, as well as the process that takes it." "

the university is now now" actively exploring a viable bridge solution to offer in -campus early education through next academic year, "with the aim of supporting the families of Mount Holyoke who already send His children to the Campus Center and who have committed to enrolling their children this spring.

Stephens added: "The Leadership team and I are currently under discussion about how we could minimize stress and interruption Of these families, and we hope to have more information to share soon. "

No viable alternatives

The babül spouse works outside the state, which means it functions as a single parent During the week. The Mount Holyoke daycare center was supposed to be the Linchpin at its hours from Monday to Friday, since Babül said it is the only local facility that will pick up his son after elementary school and will take care of him until he I can pick up the two children OS, together, in closing time. The center is also the only local facility that has the morning delivery times for the initial meetings of the parents, and that you will see children not enrolled during the meetings of the faculty and the staff, she said.

Babül is looking for other options, but say that each installing counter has a tarierte list, rates more than mete Holyoke: Even though it does not receive a subsidy, or it is unreasonably far away.

"There is nothing available." saying. "Everywhere I've looked at $ 300 to $ 500 more expensive per month, I have no idea what I'm going to do".

The initial announcement of Mount Holyoke about the closing of the center says: "as an institution founded with women in the center.

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