Hundreds of thousands of additional California students, particularly older students, could be eligible for financial aid through a proposed revision to the State Grant Program.

Two members of the California Docotic Assembly - Jose Medina of Riverside County and Kevin McCarty de Sacramento, recently presented a bill to simplify the Subger CAL program and expand eligibility to almost 200,000 students Additional

"We have really been rationing access to this Cal Subger program for recent years, and we created a very unique system here to cut and cut people, and we should focus on taking people", McCarty said on Thursday during a round table on the proposal. "This is really good, not only for students and helping them graduate with less debt, but actually to help our economy."

The invoice, AB 1456, would reduce or eliminate GPA requirements for Cal Grant awards and expand the prizes to cover older students who are more than a year outside of high school. The new proposed framework is also aimed at changing the focus of the financial aid program of enrollment and stippling tariff exemptions that can help students pay food, housing, transportation and other essential elements while attending college.

by design, license plate and rates in California community colleges are low: $ 46 per unit, said Audrey Dow, Senior Vice President of the University Opportunity, a promotion organization Dedicated to the expansion of access to university and growing completion. Dow is also a member of a group that developed the proposed changes to the Lime grant.

"What students do not have any help is their cost of living," she said. "There is no money entitled to housing, for food, for books, for any of those things."

The reform project was introduced earlier this month and should be approved by the State Legislature and will sign through Gavin Newsom before the proposed changes are implemented. In January, Newsom introduced a budget proposal for the State that included a 3 percent increase in funding for higher education, and McCarty said the new financial aid framework on the budget works.

"The fall last year on the budget for Covid-19 was a one-year theme." The economy, ironically, is booming right now with all salaries in California, "he said." Financing Of these [costs] several hundred million dollars, depending on how you look at it. But you can start. We think that this is something we can do and we will do it in our budget assembly version this year. "

The Lime Reform Working Group, led by the California Student Aid Commission, began Prepare a new framework for the Cal Subger Program several years ago, well before the start of the pandemic. The Group presented an initial framework to the California Legislature in March. Looking ahead of a period of economic uncertainty, the legislators asked the Group that returned with a neutral budget proposal, said Dow.

"While we have an economic gain this particular budget cycle, we know that we are probably facing a recession in the coming years," he said.

The framework of the proposed calculated subsidy divides the program into two primary awards: Cal Grant 2, which covers college students of the community and CAL concession 4, which covers students to Four-year institutions. Cal Grant 2 would guarantee the prizes to university students of the California community without dependents and an expected family contribution from zero. The expected family contribution is determined by the free application for federal student aid, or FAFSA, and correlates with a median household income of around $ 11,000, according to California Student Aid Commission.

Unlike the current eligibility model, students would not have to submit a GPA verification to receive a prize through Cal Grant 2, and the program would be available for older students at high school. Assuming the current fun

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