Four of the 20, some recently dismissed Canisius College teachers are demanding the institution for contract violations. In doing so, they are pressing the trend of the universities and universities of the pandemic era that yields the faculty members due to Covid-19 without formally invoking the financial requirement.

Maria Fernanda Astiz, Steven Maddox, Matthew Mitchell and Kathryn F. Williams, all headline teachers, in July, this academic year would be his last in Canisius, a small Jesuit school in Buffalo, NY Canisius blamed The expected budget deficits due to Covid-19.

The four teachers claim that this violated the terms of their employment, as defined by the Faculty Manual, called Standards of Faculty and Welfare Status. The document says that tenure, once granted, should be "finished for adequate cause, except in the case of retirement by age, or in extraordinary circumstances due to financial demands." In other places, the manual says that the convincing budgetary reasons for dismissals must be documented by the Collegia Budget Committee and reviewed by the Senate of the Faculty. The Faculty Status Committee will review the Faculty members in particular selected for its launch to determine if they have been chosenly chosen, the manual is stipulated. Affected teachers also have the right to appeal the decision.

However, according to the complaint of the professors, Canisius carried out his dismissals, and others, without declaring the requirement and no comments of the Board of the College Academic Program, the Status Committee of Faculty or Senate of Faculty of Facilitation. The university did not allow teachers the right to appeal, the complaint says.

If the faculty manuals are a binding contract is something of a legal gray area, and shadows vary according to the state. But demand says that the terms of Canisius themselves, "the manual constitutes a valid and binding contract between the faculty members, such as the plaintiffs here, and the university."

Put a fight

The four teachers, who are without work at the end of the semester, are looking for compensatory and economic damages not specified, including lost salaries, the payment of the back , Bonuses and benefits.

Jason H. Ehrenberg, the lawyer of the teachers, said Canisius previously tried to settle for the customers of him. Without specifying what Canisius offered, Ehrenberg said the agreement was not close to what teachers, who are at the beginning of the 40s, the 50s and 60s, are lost in the income lost in the coming years .

"Everyone wanted to stay and work in Canisius until the withdrawal of him," Ehrenberg said about him, who sent him the questions. "These are four people who decided they wanted to stand up and fight for their rights and their colleagues and their future tenure faculty."

Ehrenberg stressed that the manual allows the termination of the entitle teachers in some cases, including the financial requirement. However, Canisius followed any of these processes in this case, he said.

The President of Canisius, John J. Hurley, declined comments on demand. In September, Hurley told Hurley higher that Canisius had trimmed 22 teachers, but he had already reached dismissal agreements with most of them. That same month, Canisius announced the appointment of four new attending professors and a dean.

Astiz, who has been with Canisius since 2002, is Teacher Education Professor. Maddox, in Canisius since 2009, is an associate professor of history. Mitchell, professor of theology, arrived at the campus in 2008. Williams, president of Classics, began in 2006.

Ehrenberg said Williams, the last CANISIUS CLASSIST, is now asked to make the Shady planning work . For students of current classics who will still be in Canisius when it is gone. The University plans to interrupt the elders in classics, creative and scenic arts, human services, physics, religious studies and other fields as part of a

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