By appointing James Kvaal, he will agree with the Secretary of Education, the main nation official on policies that affect universities and universities: the administration of Biden has selected an expert in long-term educational policies that is It has focused on increasing access for low incomes and other underrepresented students.

kvaal, which should still be confirmed by the Senate, served more recently as President of the University Access and Success Institute, where it has also requested a greater supervision of colleges and universities for profit And he tried to draw attention to the role played by enrollment that has been in reducing student debt.

kvaal, which had been widely speculated to be elected to the position, which worked in the administration of Obama as the attached domestic policy of the White Casa Advisor, focusing on issues related to economic opportunity and the Education, as well as attached education under the Secretary.

During the Obama administration, Kvaal was a driving force behind some of the highest of Obama. He achievements of educational policies, such as reviewing the federal student loan system and expanding reimbursement based on income for student loans. He was also a key player in the Regulatory Battle of Administration with schools for profit, his attempted school rating and Obama's plan for Free Community College.

it is expected to be an influential voice in higher education in the Biden Administration, particularly because the candidate of the Biden Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, has focused on the problems of K-12 to what Length of his career. The nomination was praised by a series of leaders of higher education, including Ted Mitchell, president of the American Council of Education, who had served as Assistant Secretary of Bartel during the Obama administration.

"This is an excellent nomination for students, colleges and universities, and the whole country. President Biden could not have done a better option," Mitchell said in a statement.

"In all the work of him, he has demonstrated a sincere commitment to ensure that higher education is accessible to all individuals, and has worked well with the field to allow all students to succeed" , said Mitchell.

Martha Kanter, who also served as Secretary of the Obama administration and is now executive director of the College Promise organization, who works to increase access to higher education, also praised the election.

"James will hit the ground functioning as us under the Secretary of Education. The best for students guides their policy formulation. Over the years he has done a great job to expand the opportunity and success of the Students. It is deeply committed to finding a common ground and shared solutions, whether they address university costs, student debt, responsibility or open colleges as we sail through the pandemic, "he said. "He will wind his sleeves, embrace various perspectives and advance in the policies that mobilize students to acquire the best possible education for the future of our nation."

The nomination was also applauded by Peter McPherson, president of the Association of Public Universities and Land Grant. "With Covid-19, creating an unprecedented challenge to live and learn, James assumes the role in a moment of critical importance," he said in a statement. "He will be a solid champion for the students of the nation and the transforming impact of public higher education."

The Nomination of Cardona did not face a serious opposition from the Republicans of the Senate, and there was no immediate opposition to the selection of Kvaal. A spokesman for Senator Richard Burr, from North Carolina, the best Republican in the Education Committee, had no immediate comments, and at least publicly, the association that represents the non-profit industry was not opposed to the nomination.

If confirmed, Kvaal is expected to bring an understanding of the importance of higher education and financial struggles of colleges and universities, especially as funds.

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