The new federal guide for colleges and universities that investigates sexual misconduct emphasizes due process for both the accuser and the defendant. Among other requirements, institutions are legally obliged to boast that the defendant is innocent before initiating any investigation.

That's not what happened at the Pacific University in Oregon, where an education teacher who made controversial comments on gender says he was told to resign or was guilty in an investigation under the Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments, the Federal Law that prohibits gender-based discrimination.

"My boy has been missing," said the teacher's lawyer, Robin Desmp, adding that he has spent more than 130 days "since my client was expelled to the campus as a criminal".

The history of the Pacific is not so much about what the teacher, Richard Paxton, said or not 'T said. Even the provisional president of the American Campus Association of the College Teachers chapter condemns some of him reported from him. Instead, it is about what happens when an institution supposedly uses Title IX as a Cudgel so that inconvenient teachers disappear.

Pacific said that in the statement that "takes all allegations of misconduct and follows established procedures for research. And the resolution of those accusations." He refused to more comments, citing "our responsibilities of confidentiality" on personnel matters.

Scheme theory and one night in New Orleans

Paxton, through Discamp, says it was called to an October virtual meeting with Leif Gustavson, Dean of the College of Education, and Jennifer Y Gruegas, which serves as an associate dean at the Business College and the Pacific General Council and the Associate Vice President of Human Resources. At the meeting, and goures supposedly accused Paxton to violate the civil rights of students by saying an anecdote in class days before.

History, which Paxton says that he has said before without incident, was meant to illustrate the theory of psychological scheme. How the mind works, especially the notion of Jean Piaget that the schemes are developed through an assimilation and accommodation process. Paxton says that gender is one of the most studied aspects of the theory of scheme, in which humans quickly distinguish between men and women, as they told their students how it and some old graduated friends once were surprised after Attend a meeting of American education. Research Association in New Orleans.

Looking for a bar to listen to jazz music after a good dinner, the group of all men went to a promising place across the street, Paxton wrote in a summary of history. Provided by Descamp. "One of the things that filled our attention was a group of frankly beautiful ladies that stand out for smoking." It seems promising, "we said." However, when approaching "where these ladies in shorts were still going smoking, we notice a sign on the door. He said: 'They all enter. The best female characters in the world". "

suddenly "They changed our attitudes. Our schemes settled in imbalance, "said Paxton." Some nervous comments were exchanged and we quickly decided to go somewhere else. ""

paxon said he chose this story because his attention from the students captures. But the student in the class found it transbated and informed him.

YRUEGAS, who is the Coordinator of Title IX of the University, too, said supposedly to Paxton that if he did not accept a "soft landing" that was offering and resignation, she would launch an investigation that would become public, Charged and would result in its termination. She gave her the weekend to present her resignation, sending him a voluntary separation of the Liberation Agreement that same day.

contradict the renewed emphasis of Title IX in due process, the agreement said that the Pacific will not formally investigate the behavior of it if she resigned. And instead of the six months severe

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