The experts predict that despite the rates of cases that fall and the introduction of vaccines, the Covid-19 pandemic will be with us for months. While the estimates vary, some scientists do not preach a return to the pre-2020 lifestyle in the next two years. What at first appeared that a matter of weeks has become a long journey.

while "normal" (if you ever return) you can be far away, university administrations are now saying that in the fall of 2021, they will be done as close as they can. The most in person instruction and more students on campus are the dominant topics of the announcements about the next term.

"Do not make mistake, vaccination is the game changer", Antonio Calcuado, Executive Vice President and Operative Chief The University of Rutgers, said in a video statement. "Our '21 fall will be completely different."

Rutgers played this relatively safe academic year compared to other institutions. The vast majority of classes were completely online, and residential residences were 20 percent capacity. Rutgers is now planning to have about 100 percent of the students on the three campuses in the autumn.

that does not mean that everyone is there at the same time, the calculated was emphasized. Step and rotational schedules will be needed, and mask and social distance will still be required. But all students will have an instruction in person.

"When I see ourselves back to what we were in 2019, I do not reasonably think that this happens before September," he said in the video. "I really think we'll probably be watching '23".

Colleges and universities across the country have been under a tremendous financial, political and student pressure to reopen their campus this academic year. The institutions that have classes completely online, the norm for the spring of 2020, are now a small minority.

Several other large public university systems have made similar advertisements about autumn.

"I know we'll never go back to normal. I know that," said Tommy Thompson, president of the University of Wisconsin, told the associated press. "But I'm going to fight like hell to return as close as normal, since we can possibly. With the tests, with the vaccines, with which our classes are opened, our bedrooms open, hopefully, we will play sports, pass a Good time one more time ".

The system is pointing to keep 75 percent of the classes in person. About 80 percent of the classes were face to face before the pandemic, Thompson said.

The University of Tennessee also announced his autumn goal last week: "Students who attend a campus at the University of Tennessee can expect to have a traditional university experience in the autumn, since the campuses of The UT throughout the state expand its offers of courses in person, "said the university system at a launch.

Other public institutions that have made similar advertisements now include Arizona State University, the University of Auburn, the University of Clemor, the University of Clemson, the College of Charleston, the University of Edinboro, the University State of Kent, Oklahoma State University, Portland State University, Purdue University, Salisbury University, Arizona University, University of Iowa, Texas University in Dallas and Wyoming University, as well as The Systems of the University of California and Maryland

In some public institutions, the conditions may vary along a system. For example, the System of the California State University has announced the intention to return to students in person next fall. (The Behemoth, who enrolls almost half a million students, has been one of the most prominent to remain almost fully online these last six months). But the leaders on their campus of the State University say they stay with a majority model online. Only 20 to 30 percent of the classes will have some face-to-face component.

Some university leaders have been careful not to make any promise about how much WIL instruction


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