The main Senate Democrats and progressive groups continued to press the President Biden on Wednesday to use his executive powers to clean up to $ 50,000 of the debts of all student borrowers, after Biden said for the first time, has no intention to do it. .

Biden addressed the debate on the cancellation of student loans in the strongest terms, even during a meeting of the City Council sponsored by CNN on Tuesday night.

asked by a member of the hearing to do that level the debt relief occurs, such as the leader of the majority of the Senate, Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Senator, Elizabeth Warren, have asked him to do so , Biden answered: "It will not make that happen."

biden you said that he supported the cancellation of a smaller amount, $ 10,000.

But, for the first time, Biden said he thinks that removing the $ 50,000 from the balances of all student loan borrowers is too much. "I'm ready to cancel $ 10,000 debt but not $ 50 [thousand]," he said.

Even progressives are divided into the growing calls on the left to cancel a good part of the $ 1.5 trillion of the nation. In the student debt. Biden's comments reflected the concerns of some critics from canceling the richest college graduates' debt and that the cost for the federal government could be used for other things.

"It depends on whether or not it goes to a public university or a private university," said Biden. "It depends on the idea that I tell a community," I will forgive the debt: tens of thousands of dollars of debt) for people who have gone to Harvard and Yale and Penn, "he said. Biden, who obtained a Bachelor of the University of Delaware, noted that it was at a state university.

The National Association of Independent Schools and Universities was diverted by the idea that the private institutions it represents are being agreed. In the debate on the high debt student. An association spokesman pointed out in an email that Harvard students in 2020 had a median debt of $ 10,000 by graduating, compared to $ 28,000.Gallgartas in public institutions.

CANCELING THE debt of even those who have graduated from the nation. Most of the private elite institutions, he said, would come at the expense of using that money for other things, such as providing "for early education and for young children who pro They come from disadvantaged circumstances. "

Money for debt cancellation, he said, could also be used to pay for him to increase funding for historically black universities and universities at $ 80 billion in a decade. That would help HBCUS to build research laboratories that need to "bring government contracts to train people in cybersecurity or other future efforts that they pay well," he said.

Biden said that he would address the problem of students. He had to unite to attend the university, making the universities of the community free for all students, as well as the elimination of enrollment in four-year public institutions for those whose families earn less than $ 125,000. He also said he supports by eliminating interest in remaining student loans.

The comments are the last turn in whether the administration believes that BIDEN can cancel the debt alone. Biden has asked before if he has authority. "It is debatable that the president may have the executive power to forgive up to $ 50,000 in student debt," he said a group of newspaper columnists in December.

Press secretary of the White House Jen Psaki gave the cancellation of the debt advocates some hope in a tweet two weeks ago. "The president continues to support the cancellation of the student debt to bring relief to students and families," Psaki wrote. "Our team is reviewing if there are steps that can go through the executive action and he would appreciate the opportunity to sign a bill sent by Congress."

But then came the comments of Biden at the meeting of the City Council that he does not believe he has power.

Despite Biden's comments, the Senate leader

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