Low temperatures low and winter storms in the south and the center of the United States caused widespread power cuts and dozens of schools forced to close for at least several days.

The conditions are bad in Texas, where more than 3.6 million people were not yet unable as on Tuesday afternoon, according to Powerutage.us, which track power outages throughout the country. Hundreds of thousands of people in California, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia also were not the power Tuesday afternoon.

University of Trinity in San Antonio closed non-essential buildings to preserve power for residences. Internet connectivity throughout the city has been sporadic, and college canceled classes until Friday. A few outdoor fire sprinklers broke and caused water damage. Installation teams have also responded to bursts in several buildings. Some students moved from the city of Vista, an apartment building on campus, and at a nearby hotel after the Damage Building for Sustained Water.

"The conditions on our campus have been a series of Whack-A-Lunar efforts," said Tess Coody-Anders, Vice President of Strategic Communications and Marketing in La Trinity. "A crisis will appear here and deal with that, and another appears elsewhere." "

The University recovered to respond to the emergency, said cowshow. Several dining employees offered to sleep in the dining room during the night to serve food to students the next day. < P> Avery Hollis, a second year student at Collin College, a community college in McKinney, Tex., He has fought through sporadic energy cuts in the last two days, she lives about 30 minutes from the campus in Frisco and takes Online classes.

"Our kitchen water pipe was frozen, but we managed to defrost it. The last two days we put a power and turn off every other hour, "she said." Today we have had a power from 11 a.m. We have had internet access since then. "

Collin canceled virtual classes and remote work through Friday due to power interruptions. Non-reliable Internet access has made you connect with teachers Difficult, and Hollis worried him to keep up with his courses.

"I have alerts from college that all virtual learning had been canceled, but nothing had changed in my schedule. "So I was a little anxious about that," Hollis said. "However, today, most of my teachers got in touch with their classes and have told us that all the tasks are postponed until the university opens again, when this cold front passes."

A Texas The first year student of the State University, who wanted to stay at anonymity, said he had to evacuate Lantana Hall, a bedroom on the San Marcos campus, Monday morning after of a frozen explosion due to cold. He is currently staying at Sterry Hall.

"It's been very cold because the power has been going on and off all over the campus," she said. "There is no part to get food, except a dining room that is doing everything possible to provide us with the conditions".

State of Texas will remain closed until at least on Saturday morning. The virtual classes are also canceled until then. Climate and energy cuts have impacted several university systems, including telephone lines and computer networks, according to Jayme Blaschke, a spokesman for the university. Blaschke confirmed that a frozen pipe caused water leaks and heating problems in Lantana Hall.

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