Kimberly Diei, a second-year doctoral student at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center's College of Pharmacy, said he has a "mind for medicine" and decided to look for pharmacies as a way to touch the life of a range of Patients.

Diei obtained his bachelor's degree in Biological Science at the University of Chicago, which is considered one of the most stringent universities in the nation. She is a frequent participant in class, so much that she said that her classmates have complained about her and approached her about the time to talk about her.

She said that the "toxic" and the comments directed by classmates soon increased in formal reports, as the pharmacy, students began to monitor and share the publications of the networks anonymous Personal Social Diei with university administrators, stating that they were in violation of the "professional standards" of the students of Memphis Health Science Center for students who study health and medicine.

The offense Content: More than 17 tweets and publications under his Instagram and twitter pseudonym, Kimmykasi, including a selfie of diei wearing a top that exposed his neckline and profane rap letter he wrote depending on the song From Stalion de Cardi B and Megan Thee, "WAP" that had recently provoked a national conversation about sexuality and the empowerment of women. Diei said she Personally identified with the song because it was made by and for people like her, "strong black women who embrace our sexuality."

diei felt judged by his race and her body. She wondered if a white classmate with smaller breasts had posted a photo on a low cut part, would it have been reported too?

"Black women have always been sexualized," she said, alluding to the way. Black women and girls have been stigmatized and subjected to sexual stereotypes throughout the American history. "And once we grow up, we grow up in our bodies and embrace our sexuality, we have been punished for it."

The first complaint about Diei in September 2019 landed in front of the Pharmacia College. Professional Conduct Committee, who gave him a warning and ordered him to write a letter of reflection on "raw" and "vulgar" publications, but he did not formally describe any specific policy that he had violated or how he violated politics, or explains why The university opposed specific publications, he said. A second complaint made in August 2020 resulted in the expulsion of DIEI, according to a DIEI claim filed on February 5 at the United States District Court for the United States District for the Western Tennessee District, which maintains That the application of the College of its professionalism policies violated its right to freedom of expression. In her private life.

The policy, online recently included online after DIEI filed in demand, is entitled "Maintenance of ethical and professional standards of health professions." He says that students of the Health Sciences Center can be disciplined by "unprofessional and non-ethical behavior, which would bring bad replacement and profession" and they could "substantially reduce or eliminate the student's ability to practice effectively The profession in which discipline him or she is enrolled. " The "Off, OFF, Off, Property or property" behavior is subject to politics, says the website of the Health Sciences Center.

Melissa Tindell, Director of Communications for the University System of Tennessee, which is named in the demand together with the president of the system, Randy Boyd, refused to comment on the pending litigation. Peggy Reisser, a spokesman for the health science center, also refused to comment. Christa George, a clinical pharmacy professor and president of the Committee who expelled Diei, did not respond to a request for comment.

While Diei was reincorporated at the university three weeks after he appealed the expulsion to the Dean of the University. Marie Chisholm-Burns, said she has had to censor her social media posts since then and try to guess what she could be Dee

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