Ron Galatolo was the Chancellor of the San Mateo County Community District for 20 years. Then, in 2019, he became a source caniller for the district.

But last week, the district's trustee board announced that it had finished its relationship with Galatolo in light of the derived events from an investigation by the county. District lawyer

"In the course of district cooperation with this research, several issues have come to light that do not seem to have been presented to the Board of Directors by the former Chancellor Galatolo," the Board wrote in a statement media. "These matters include the apparent use of public funds for retirement incentives, non-revealed personal relationships with suppliers for the district, and the unlocked reception of contractor gifts that work for the district. These gifts seem to have included travel of High range, concert tickets and meals and do not seem to have been reported in a form 700 as required by law. "

In 2019, when Galatolo was still in the Chancellor, he and the Board signed mediation to resolve a dispute, whose details have not been published by the Board. That mediation ended up in a settlement agreement, stipulating that Galatolus was no longer chancellor, but a new employment contract would be provided as the Emeritus of Chancellor. He would be paid his same salary, $ 38,975 per month, and will be responsible for developing a program with California State University. The settlement also stipulated that the parties could not be dismissed each other or merging each other in a bad light. Public communications regarding the game would be limited to a joint press release and mutually agreed conversation points.

The new employment agreement for the position of the Chancellor Emeritus was signed in August 2019. Before completing this month, Galatolo was the most compensated employee of the district.

Next month, September 2019, the Almanac, a Community newspaper, reported that the Office of the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office issued search orders in relation to Galatolo's tendency .

"There are denunciations of the unpiristed with the construction and acquisition contracts and complaints of harassment of an employee," said the district attorney to the newspaper at that time.

The office confirmed that the research is still underway.

"We are not going to enter more details of the investigation at this time," said an office spokesman by email.

A recent card from the plate. Galatolo alleges that the old Chancel Lor refused to answer asks from the Board about his behavior.

"Given your level of compensation and the fact that you have not provided any service to the district for more than eighteen (18) months, your objection is specific, a violation of your fiduciary duties and a demonstration of consciousness From his ripple with the board, "said the board in the letter. "Given this refusal, we continue to believe that you retain the material information during the course of the negotiations that lead to the University District that offers the position of the Emeritus of Chancellor. If the University District had been aware of the information you returned , I would not have entered the 2019 agreement. "

Galatolo did not respond to an email request to comment.

"As a district of the Community University, our mission is to ensure that all students have access to affordable higher education opportunities," said Lisa Petrides, a trustee chosen in November 2020. "As a trustee, We must be committed to transparency and responsibility in all aspects of our operations, and to remain fiscally and ethically responsible before we serve. "

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