Students, faculty and staff members, and the former students at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, were horrified and outraged in view of hundreds of students who applause a popular street full of bars and Restaurants during the weekend to celebrate men. The victory of the basketball team over the University of Duke. The possibility of spreading the coronavirus and undermines the university's attempt to begin to begin with safety in person, this Monday seemed lost in the jubilant crowd of revelers.

In a typical year, the crowd would be expected; It is a tradition for Tar Heel fans to hurry near Franklin Street after winning the Demons of Blue rival, a 20-minute Cutthroat Basketball, but after Chapel Hill's failed attempt to celebrate a semester in person six months ago. A Covid-19 Propagation, people affiliated to the campus were fast to label the multitude of "shameful" and "shameful" students.

shameful, selfish, and dangerous. There were Multiple COVID clusters in @unc. Sleep before this happened. The community is now at elevated risk. As a alum, I hope to see a real code of behavior consequences and a review of public safety planning. - Kristen İshleman (@kreshleman) February 7, 2021

In August, UNC Chapel Hill was forced to quickly leave classes in person and total capacity residences and return to remote instruction during the first week of the autumn semester due to a wave of coronavirus cases among students. The possibility of having to return to classes mostly online enraged some people.

Members of the faculty, students and former students said in social networks and written statements that the weekend exhibition of students mostly without masks met and focus deliberately. Guidance: Two days before the beginning of the second attempt by Chapel Hill in a semester in person during the pandemic, it is evidence that students still do not understand, or simply do not mind preventing the spread of Covid-19.

"Some students could be smiling at ear to ears, as they posted for images with friends," he wrote the Editorial Council of the Tar Heel, the student newspaper of the University. "Many were not wearing masks, others shouted things like 'F - Covid' and said they were not worried about the spread of Covid-19 because they had already had it." "

happening now: The fans of UNC Pack Franklin Street to celebrate the victory against Duke. University officials encouraged students not to meet because of the pandemic in progress. @Wral #Wral - Aaron Thomas (@Wrararan) February 7, 2021

Mimi Chapman, Dean associated for doctoral education at the School of Social Work and President of the Faculty, estimated in a letter of 8 February to the faculty members that the crowd was about 1,500 strong. It could possibly one of the largest viewed between Schools so far during the new year; however, hundreds also flooded the streets of Tuscaloosa, Ala. After the University of Alabama won the cam Onlate of football College in January. President Stuart Bell, allowed teachers to change remote classes for two weeks.

AMY JOHNSON, VICECANCILLER for student affairs at Chapel Hill, said in an email update on Monday of the campus that the student performs the office. Far received more than 300 student references that were identified as participants. The processing of all complaints "will take some time", but students who verify themselves to violate the Covid-19 policies of the university could lose access to the campus, be eliminated from their home or be expelled, "depending on severity of rape, "Johnson said.

Chapel Hill officials are also publicly tracking the number of violations reported from Covid-19 policies and how students are punished for violations through a quarterly online report, Joh


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