When Lamont Replólet, president of the University of Kean, he considered how to take out a graduation ceremony in person during the Coronavirus pandemic, he recalled to walk through an auditorium stage during his own beginning almost 27 years ago as a college student of first generation. At the New Jersey school and be wrapped by a feeling of achievement.

"It was the biggest time in my life," said Repollet. "If we can give that our students, all the students, but more way those individuals who had the perseverance and the sand they finished, that is important."

with those students in mind: half of which are first generation university students: Kean, who is also in New Jersey, announced that he will advance with his second year of socially distance graduation ceremonies Detached in the soccer field of the University during the pandemic. The cabbage will be an elbow that is hit and will take selfies distanciated socially with students while crossing the graduation stage, balancing safety and tradition as students and their families gather for the milestone that can not be replicated through LiveStream.

"We were very cautious and we follow the CDC guidelines," Repollet said of the 2020 start events. "We will continue to have smaller ceremonies, no matter how many we have to have ... we are excited to offer that for our students."

Kean students said they are also entrusted with precautions that college is taking so that events are safe, and possible. Roshorn Shivers, a senior who will graduate with a psychology title in May, is waiting for the ceremony. He is the first in his family to win a bachelor's degree.

"We have faced both in the last year that we have been remote," he said. "Walking will give us some kind of normality."

The University of Oklahoma in Norman will welcome as much to 2020 and 2021 graduates to the University Football Stadium for six separate ceremonies this spring, after celebrating only virtual ceremonies in 2020 President Joseph Harroz announced Feb. 4 . The same happens with the University of North Texas, where 2020 and 2021 graduates back to Denton, Tex were received, for ceremonies during the last weekend of April and early May.

Access to a great stadium to students away Adequately distance and their families during ceremonies certainly helped the events in person are more feasible, Repollet said.

Students in other universities will not be so lucky. These universities began to announce last week that its early spring would be virtual for a second consecutive year. The slow drip of the advertisements of the virtual ceremony is providing a new wave of disappointment among students whose universities determined reckless to organize graduation events as the pandemic continues and vaccines have not yet been widely administered on college campuses .

Karen Nedbal, Executive Director of the Association for Conference Directors and University Events, a Membership Organization for staff members who plan campus events, such as start ceremonies, 2020, A range of completely virtual versions to "thinned" graduation events in person, and she hopes to see a similar variety this year. Some universities organized for masked graduates to individually enter a room where the university president or other administrators are presented, take a photo with the officials and leave, as a replacement of the real, said Nedbal.

While the beginnings canceled in person have been disappointing, there has also been an increase, at least for colleges. Non-traditional ceremonies saved some institutions significant amounts of money in audio and visual resources, security, speaker expenses and chairs rental, tents and stages, Nedbal said. Some universities saw cost savings in the "range of six to seven figures", which is very necessary during a time of economic agitation for M


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