Ithaca College announced previously plans to reduce more than 100 full-time faculty positions. Now that those cuts are happening, that the numbers have become the names and faces of the valuable colleagues: the opposition of the campus is increasing. Teacher groups, student and alumni are highlighting what college is lost in terms of academics and soul. They are also accusing Ithaca not to make a convincing case for its drastic action.

A virtual town hall on the cuts last week, attended 150 attendees, and IC students against the Austerity Facebook page have 1,100 members. The Ithaca Department of Policy has said that the completion of two long-standing colleagues is an "error that will have a great negative logistics and curricular impact on our department and at the university." And today, the University of Ithaca open the Book Coalition, including the students and the part-time Faculty Union of the College, plans a demonstration on the Social Distance campus.

cut the most vulnerable

The key to understanding this reaction is the structure of the unusual faculty of Itaca, and where the cuts are concentrated. The work of the Faculty of Monitoring or Tenure of Tenure are at stake, but the ranges of the non-holdings of the departments are being eliminated.

Ithaca has part-time accessories, many of which are losing their one or allocations of two classes per term. Ithaca also has a central teaching staff of follow-up teachers who do not take place under way working on several years contracts. Many of these teachers were recruited through national searches and, under the premise of stable employment, were deeply involved in curricular design, shared governance, service work and students' activities. Then, with many of these teachers who lose their jobs, there is also a widespread feeling that Ithaca is overflowing its academics and its campus culture.

Sara-Maria Sorentino, an Ithaca Alum, who is now an assistant professor of Gender Studios and Race at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, said his own faculty experience makes it more "surprised" of that are saying down to some of his former teachers in politics.

"I do not look at how ithaca can survive this, at least not in the spirit and substance that has preserved the memory of the former students," she said. The "excision of central persons and programs", among other administrative actions, "will be a wound for Ithaca for a long time."

Sorentino added: "I can not imagine that many students want to donate to, or, otherwise, the school, the school under this new vision".

In October, Ithaca said that he planned to cut his full-time faculty ranges in 130, in an acceleration of a five-year plan and an attempt to bring to the Index of the Student Faculty to 12 to one from 10 to one.

"There is no joy in this," said Jerne T. Cornish, it is said in the hour. "It's painful and it is necessary. If ithaca is going to prosper and continue serving generations of students, we have to address our problems at this time, without delay." "

In the intermediate, Ithaca submitted to a Academic prioritization plan, faculty members were asked to contribute to the process by providing program registration and other data, but the Prioritization Primary Committee did not include faculty members.

The Last month, that committee recommended cutting 116 full-time positions instead of 130. They include 86 full-time reductions, half of which are in the arts and sciences, and the additional 30 that come from decreases in time Liberation of the Faculty and 24 unemployed positions through destruction over the next three years.

Larger impact

although smaller than it was originally announced, number 116 It is significant, d ADO ADO that the total full-time faculty count of Ithaca is 547. The total number of professors affected immediately will be more than 87, as well, given that many are attachments that do not teach full time.

A 37 teachers have already been self-identified as it has been

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