Post University, in Waterbury, Conn., Plans to acquire a University of Sentinel American Sentinel, an offer between two for-profit institutions, which allows the biggest post to be carried out in online nursing management programs , since the global pandemic has exposed a profound need for trained health professionals.

The acquisition, announced on Monday, can be seen as part of an ongoing change in university and college portfolios towards medical care and other programs that potentially offer both students and universities immediately returning investment . It can also be seen as a continuation of the fusion and acquisition activity at a time when financial tensions, registration pressures and changes in the demand of students are forcing consolidation between universities for profit and non-end profit.

But it is also remarkable that the agreement is being carried out in an uncertain regulatory environment. If it is consumed, it is very likely that it is between the first significant activity of the merger and the acquisition announced and completed since President Biden moved to the White House last month.

Post and American Sentinel Hope to close the deal this spring, pending regulatory approval. They did not reveal financial terms.

Your agreement requires American Sentinel to become the American School of Nursing CEGES and Post University Health Sciences. American Sentinel would not relocate its Denver operations, although many of its employees worked remotely even before the Covid-19 pandemic.

American Sentinel, which operates its programs totally online, employs 106 people. Around 1,400 college students and 1,300 graduate students were enrolled in 2019, according to federal data.

That means that it is much smaller than the institution that acquires it. The publication is part of about 15,000 students. Most are online, with 1,200 or 1,300 studying on the campus in Waterbury in a normal year, according to its president and CEO, John L. Hopkins.

The Sentinel U product is sold to medical care institutions for use in nursing certifications, Hopkins said. It could also be used in the offers of professional post studies or in their schools, public services and education, and arts and science.

In other words, the pending acquisition comes with several different upsides for POST, which currently only lists an RN-to-BSN online nursing program.

"It takes us to the nursing vertical," Hopkins said. "It presents a good fairly fantastic technology that we believe can go beyond nursing."

Publication and its leaders have been interested in an agreement for quite some time. Leaders at the two universities have been in discussions for approximately one year, Hopkins said.

"Initially, what I had attracted was the model, including the fact that they had this simulation technology," said Hopkins, referring to Sentinel U. "Couple with the rigorous program within the vertical nursing. It was something that always had interest always. I had always planned a nursing school and health sciences. "

The two parties signed a merger agreement on Friday, which leads them to announce the agreement after the weekend to inform their students and future students.

"We are very satisfied to be part of the posterior university and we believe that this fusion is in the best interest of our students to guarantee growth and Innovation in the light of medical care that changes rapidly. and the Panorama of higher education, "Mary Adams, president of American Sentinel University, said in a statement. "While we are a prosperous institution today, joining Post University will make us stronger with access to improved support, experience and


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