The Foundation and the early history of the University of Maryland in College Park are full of racism and slavery, a legacy of many land grant institutions in the United States that is becoming more widely known and openly discussed. But students, faculty and staff members at the university have also been recently facing the continuous and modern threat of white supremacy.

The campus was shook in 2017, when Sean Urbanski, a white UMD student, murdered Richard Collins III, a student at the State University of Bowie Bowie and Lieutenant in the United States Army I visited a friend who attended college. Urbanski was sentenced to life in prison last month, and many believed Racial Animes played a central role in the murder; Urbanski belonged to a Facebook group Supremacist White, the Washington Post reported.

Handing Collins with a scholarship in the name of him and establishing the social justice programs directed by the Faculty of the UMD Faculty and the Faculty of Faculty to combat intolerance. The first initiatives of President Darrylll Pines. When he assumed the leadership of the College Park campus in July 2020. Pines also launched several other initiatives focused on several parts of the campus, including Project 1856, which will investigate, will examine and disseminate information about the history of the University with Slavery and racism. , And the appointment of two new residences after the first black and Asian students who attended college, while still segregated and largely annoyed by non-white people.

The names are "mostly symbolic," said Pines in an interview. But they are also significant: it is the first time in a century in which the residences of the Campus in UMD are named, since they are traditionally named by the counties in the state of Maryland, according to a university press release.

The only exception to this tradition is a bedroom that is named Charles Benedict Calvert, a founder and an active president of the university that was himself a slave, Lae'l Hughes-Watkins, an archivist University and a co-leader of Project 1856, he said in an email. The project bears the name of the year in the year on which the Ariculial College Maryland (now UMD College Park) was founded and is part of the universities that study slavery, a broader group of institutions at the national level who are investigating how they are connected To its institutions or benefited from enslaved people.

"" During the 150th anniversary of the University of Maryland in 2006, there were students and teachers and other members of the UMD community who were surprised to learn about some of the stories related to the foundation of the institution , "As Calvert's Slave Property, Hughes-Watkins said.

" Some of the first presidents were members of the Confederate Army, including high-ranking members of the Confederation ... But, where does this story incorporate? On on board and institutional guidance and ongoing education of our community? she said.

To contrast these worrisome figures in the past of the university, one of the new residences will be called Johnson-Whittle Hall, after Hiram Whittle, the first black man to be admitted to UMD and Elaine Johnson. Counters, the first black woman to receive her bachelor's degree there, said the launch. Pyon-Chen Hall will honor Pyon Su, the first Korean person to receive a UMD title or any US higher education institution, and Chunjen Constant Chen, the first Chinese student to enroll in college, said the launch.

Karsonya Wise Whitehead, founder and director of the new Karson Institute for La Raza, Peace and Social Justice at the University of Loyola, Maryland, a Jesuit Private Institution in Baltimore, said that even if the names are Symbolic, they have a meaning in higher education institutions and in US society more widely.

"In this country, name something matters. It matters that if you attend a university that bears its name to a leader, who are a civil rights leader against a

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