% 3CP% 3Edonald Alcendor% 2c An associate professor of microbiology and immunology at Meharry Medical College% 2C a School of Medicine Historically Black at Nashville% 2c Tenn. The% 2c is studying an antiviral treatment for Covid-19 in the laboratory of it. But the work of it is not at% E2% 80% 99T confined to the laboratory% 3A, up to% E2% 80% 99S, also Community link for Meharry% E2% 80% 99s Vaccine Test Novavax. In that role, he leaves the companies% 2c Barbershops and beauty salons frequented by African Americans and Latinos to speak with members of the community about Vaccines Covid-19 and Answer the questions of him in what he describes as a% E2 % 80% 9cTransparent and culturally competent. WAY.% E2% 8D% 3C% 2FP% 3E% 3CP% 3% E2% 80% 99S A fair amount of vaccine vaccine vaccine 50% 2C Particularly between brown and black communities% 2C % E2% 80% 9D said the Alcendor% 2C that is black. % E2% 80% 9CHEY He wants him to Answer him% 2c and want someone to be Answered by someone who looks at% 2c, if he knows what I want to say. The idea is that Meharry Medical College is an important place to do so, to Answer your questions and provide you with a vaccine or be part of a vaccine essay.% E2% 80% 9D% 3C% 2FP% 3E% 3CP %% The medical institutions and public health of the 3ea, public health schools, including minority service institutions, such as Meharry% 2C, are taking main roles to face vaccine vaccine in minority communities. African-Americans% 2c Latinos and Native Americans are much more likely to get Covid-19 and die if they do it compared to their white counterparts. Black Americans are 1.4 times more likely than white Americans to contract Covid% 2c 3.7 times more likely to be hospitalized and 2.8 times more likely to die of it. Latinos are 1.7 times more likely to contract Covid% 2c 4.1 times more likely to be hospitalized and 2.8 times more likely to die.% 3c% 2FP% 3E% 3CP% 3LPUT as the first two Vaccines Covid of Pfizer and modern,% 2C members of the underrepresented minority communities report higher vaccination rates. New data published last week by the Family Foundation of Kaiser% E2% 80% 99S Covid-19 Monitor Monitor project Monitor shows that, although the proportion of people who want to be vaccinated by% E2% 80% 9CAS soon as possible , E2% 80% 9D has increased in different racial and ethnic groups since December% 2C. It is still substantially higher for white adults% 2853% c2% per person% 29 compared to black% 2835% C2% A50% 29 and Hispanic adults% 2842% C2% A0percent% 29.% 3C% 2FP% 3E% 3CP% 3EOS data from a multi-university research group found that the black and Hispanic respondents are more likely to believe the erroneous information about the% 2c vaccine and are more likely than Asians and whites to believe that certain false statements about the vaccine: Example,% 2C containing microchips that can trace people, were precise.% 3c% 2FP% 3E% 3CP% 3Eexpertes aims at a wide range of reasons for higher vaccination rates between black and Hispanics% 2C, including medical profession % E2% 80% 99S, I'm sorry, Legacy of Mistre Load to blacks% 2c Vaccination for fear could be used for the purpose of compliance with immigrants and inequities, minority communities continue to face in terms of medical care access ca.% 3c% 2fp% 3E% 3cp% 3edavid M. Carlisle% 2C Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science% 2C A historically black graduate institution in Los Angeles% 2C said it was hit by frequency With which the Basters cite the non-ethical Tuskegee syphilis experiments carried out in black men between 1932 and 1972 as a cause of concern.% 3c% 3E% E2% 80% 9CIT% E2% 80% 99S Only Natural that the communities of color that have been unattended by the health care system would be suspicious about something new% 2c% E2% 80% 80% 9D Carlisle said. In December, the 2c Carlisle joined the Presidents of the Nation% 2 other three historically 2C medical schools together with the presidents of the National Association of Black Nurses and the National Medical Association and another% 2c in firm% E2% 80% 9CA love letter to black america% 2c% E2% 80% 9D Affirmation Respect for black lives and urging Black Americans% E2% 80% 9CO Join us participate in clinical trials and taking a vaccine once % E2% 80% 99S proven safe and effective. .% E2% 80% 9D% 3C% 2FP% 3E% 3CP% 3E% E2% 80% 9COUR Community is being devastated disproportionately by Covid-19% 2c% E2% 80

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