The University of Villanova warned students of a strong increase in the cases of Covid-19 on campus, the Philadelphia researcher reported. The University had 186 active cases starting on Sunday.

"This weekend, the numbers of Covid-19 boards are higher than we have previously experienced," he wrote the Reverend John P. Stack, vice president of student life. Students on Sunday. "Although we have the resources to manage the current situation, these numbers are not sustainable." "

Students returned to the January 25 campus.

Father stack warned that the semester will move online if the numbers do not fall.

in the University of Liberty, a Facebook publication, since it was eliminated, with images taken on campus, posted a question: Does anyone use facial masks?

The photos presented a snowball fight on campus . The Interim President of Liberty, Jerry I expected, was represented. Facial masks were few and distant from each other.

Kendall Covington, a Liberty student, told WSLS news that is not surprised.

"When people who put masks for the faculty are asked, what is rarely, they put it and take it away minutes later, they put it incorrectly by covering their mouths and not covering their noses, or simply they do not, "said Covington.

but on Tuesday, I expected, noting that the university had not fulfilled with Executive orders of Governor of Virginia designed to limit the spread of Covid-19, or its own Covid-19 plans.

"I got," he said in a statement. "We do not think about or communicate the need to use facial coverage or remain six feet separated ... and the size of the group was not in compliance either."

The photos can have consequences at the University of Santa Clara, official officials.

The photos were published in Instagram en and show a Fraternity party to 75 people, reported CBS news.

"While most students have done an excellent job that is concerned with the important health directives, it is disappointing that others have falsely ignored those directives, to the detriment of other members of the community," said Lisa. Kloppenberg, Provost, and Jeanne Rosenberger, vicepir for student life, in an email to the student's body last week.

At the University of Vermont, the fall in revenue led to cuts, even wages for employees who are not represented by a union. Now the university is restoring salaries to employees not represented at their previous levels.

Suresh V. Garimella, the president of the University, wrote that the restoration was possible because the university completed its semester of autumn, has a greater. The expected number of students returning for the spring semester and has seen the number and quality of their applications increase.

"This is a testimony of the exceptional efforts of him to maintain our university open and safe," he wrote to non-union employees. "It also means that, although the income of net enrollment remains several million dollars less than last year, the gap is less than originally projected. This, combined with other budget cuts and efficiencies that we have achieved with its Help, it puts us in a better financial position we had projected for this difficult year. Therefore, I have decided that we will restore the salaries of employees not represented at their levels of fiscal year 2020 ".

University of Brown was among the first institutions to announce starting plans this year. Brown announced last month that he would keep a start in person for those who wish to participate. But Brown said that family members and other guests would have to do remotely.

The University of Chicago is planning a similar approach, except that the actual adjudication of titles will be in smaller groups, per unit of the university.

"The University is planning smaller diploma ceremonies and in person for each school and division, which will be limited to graduates

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