One of the main issues of Democrats in education said the first proposal established by some Republicans to find a bipartisan proposal to provide more Coronavirus relief would not do enough for higher education.

The Comments of Representative Bobby Scott, the Democrat of Virginia presiding over the home education committee, was as President Biden, reports, rejected a proposal from a group of 10 Republican Senators as too small. Although Biden did not closed the door of new negotiations with the Republicans, he urged the Democratic Senators to move forward with trying to approve the package of $ 1.9 billion he proposed, three times larger than the $ 618 billion proposed by the group of Republicans

While Republicans have said that the price of the biden proposal is too high, Scott called the Republican proposal a "fall in the cube" during an hour interview with education reporters on Tuesday.

", obviously, a lot is Going to be abandoned. Not only the relief controls Covid, but also helps everything," he said during the call sponsored by the Education Writers Association. "Support for higher education, instead of improving under that proposal, will be reduced."

In fact, the Republican proposal would not offer any other aid to universities and universities, despite their request from an additional $ 97 billion to compensate for their losses during the pandemic.

The proposal was extracted by associations, including the Association of Public Universities and Grant. Even though the $ 23 billion in the aid included in the two pre-relief packages are limited to cutting the need and does not include relief that would compensate for additional cuts to higher education that is expected to be made by States. "This new proposal provides $ 0" Apll said in a statement.

"The advanced plan for these Republicans of the Senate is the equivalent of saying: 'Good luck'," said Terry Hartle, the American Council of the Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public. Affairs

Compared, Biden is proposing another $ 35 billion in the next relief package, which Hartle called "step in the right direction", but it is still what is needed. Scott in an interview with politic, said Congress Democrats are considering only $ 40 billion in additional aid in their own proposal, leaving the schools of the nation with the proposals, one of which would give them less than half of what They say they need, and the other. There is no help at all. Democratic leaders say they are planning to move forward with their own plan, and are taking steps of procedure that would allow them to pass it without any republican support in the Senate.

In addition, Scott said the Republican proposal. It would not include any help for states to relieve cuts, they are likely to do higher education.

The Biden proposal had caused concern for private universities and universities because a fact sheet issued by the administration mentioned by the administration. To public institutions. A spokesman for Scott has not responded to a series of consultations that request whether the Congress Democrats will exclude private universities. In an email on Tuesday, she continued not responding explicitly. But she pointed to a SCOTT comment made to politician, suggesting that the democratic proposal dispensates the help of higher education in the same way as pre-relief packets, which sent money to private institutions.

"There has been a general satisfaction with the way we have done it in the first pair of packages, so we are Going to use a little use as a model," said Scott, politician.

Scott, in the interview with reporters of education, also noted support to giving helping those with student loans, but said that it will not come in the following Coronavirus relief invoice.

"Students should not have been forced to take out the level of loans they have taken." Scott said, noting that students have had to have a greater part of the cost of higher education as states


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