Australian universities can never recover their pre-appandemic market share of the International Student Recruitment, a leading academic has said, after the perspective of a significant number of foreign students entering the country this year decreased.

Daniel Andrews, the Prime Minister of the State of Victoria, said last month that "tens of thousands of international students returning here will be incredibly challenging, if not impossible, this year," adding that the State did not have the facilities to accommodate large. Quarantine students numbers. The Government of New South Wales also filed its plans to return 1,000 international students to Sydney every week, following new outbreaks of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Brendan Murphy warned that it was unlikely that international borders in the country would be completely. Up to at least 2022.

Simon Marginson, Professor of Higher Education at the University of Oxford, said in 2018 that Australia was prepared to overcome Great Britain as the second most popular global destination for international students in 2019 . However, speaking to the higher education of time, he said that he was now "impossible to see that position being restored."

"If the pandemic has ended at the end of 2021, international registrations will be recovered significantly by 2022 in Australia, but it will take five years or more for Australia to recover the registration in 2019, and it will take more to recover the Market Participation ... In fact, Australia can not recover market share in the longest race, "he said.

"My meaning is that international national education in Australia is in profound and profound problems. That means that higher education is in profound problems and scientific research is in an equally deep problem, because this is financed To a large extent on the international rates of students. "

Marginson, a former Professor of Higher Education at the University of Melbourne, said "Now there is an important fork for the road" between British and Australian Higher Education Systems, because Australia has closed its borders during the pandemic , while Great Britain has not been, as well as the greatest dependence on the international rates of students and the weakest public science. Financing in Australia.

"My political nose tells me that the government [from Australia] is not greatly concerned about the decreasing position of university science and even less about the general position of universities in Australia. He knows that the Decrease in international education means that the economy will take a success, but with this government, politics comes before the economy, "said Marginson.

Marginson said Australia was also "more trapped that is the United Kingdom in the United States's conflict with China, while depends regionally from China."

"After 20 gold years carried out in part by Chinese students, a bad period approaches Australian universities; In fact, it has already arrived," he said.

William Locke, director of the Melbourne center for the study of higher education, said that the impact of Australia's border restrictions would depend on the ability of universities to attract internationally. Students study online, at least initially, with the promise of the study in person later in their course.

"This will be more than the quality of online learning, and both on the connection. With Australian and other international students in a simulation of experience on campus," he said.

Lobke added that "it can help make the main competitors for Australian universities, USA and the United Kingdom, are in a much worse situation with the pandemic and political agitation of Trump and Brexit , "Although he said that the" Australian first "rhetoric of the government did not help the country's prospects.

"Any announcement on loosening The restrictions should be made later T have later, giving time for students and universities to prepare and give a


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