In the fall, the University of Asunción in Worcester, Mass. He reviewed his inclement time policy and decided that he would no longer Cancel classes during heavy snow. Instead, all classes would be carried out remotely.

The Noreseter who hit Worcester and the northeast this week took over the opportunity to prove the new policy of him. The university moved to remote single classes from 1 p.m. Monday at the end of Tuesday.

In previous years, before the pandemic, on Tuesday it would have been a traditional snowless snow day for any kind of students. This year, class schedules were not interrupted.

In many cases, a Covid-19 pivot induced last-line learning by spring paved the way for schools and small colleges and universities to eliminate or reduce snow days. For example, at the University of Cornell in Ithaca, NY, classes already scheduled to be online, even if the university changes its operating state due to weather inclemencies, although there are exceptions if instructors or students would meet certain difficulties. Cornell students who take classes in person may even be necessary to move on to online substitutes in the middle of severe climate if an online version already exists and if students have adequate Internet access. However, Cornell was not affected by this most recent storm, however, as classes had not yet resumed for the spring semester.

Snow days no longer make sense when instructors practice moving their classes online. By assuring, the classes are offered synchronously, with instructors who teach students on the face-to-face campus and students who study from the tuning of the house.

Students lost an unexpected free time that in recent years could have allowed them to participate in snowball fights, go out with friends or catch up with a reading. But some, at least, appreciated the relative lack of interruption at a time when it has been raised so much.

"I think that normality and structure are beneficial for such an abnormal time," said Lily or 'Connor, an undergraduate student in Spanish and English that is scheduled to graduate this year of assumption. "Much can be lost for a snowy day, especially if the class only meets once or twice a week." "

Students seem happy to be in class at this time, said Elizabeth O'Hara, assistant professor of management and marketing at the university.

" I have learned that they are happy see, even if it is on zoom, "said O'Hara." It's an opportunity to commit and talk, as we would do if we were in class ".

while less interruptions to the schedules of the courses and The academic calendar is a good thing to keep students on the track to graduate, the reality that snow days could become something of the past, has hit some students with force.

on Twitter , Students whose campuses were covered with snow this week lamented the fact that they still had online classes to attend. Many said they expected the respite of a snowy day from time to time.

"Dear teachers College If it snows and the campus is closed. I will not assist zoom either. I am taking my snow day, "he touted a student at the University of Wilkes in Pennsylvania, where the spring semester classes began as scheduled on Monday in a mixture of face-to-face, online and mixed formats.

"My brothers have gotten a snowy day during the second consecutive day and I need to stop thinking that I am on a snowy day because I am in college and I still have class," he touted a student at the State University of Bowling Green in Ohio, who has continued normal operations this week.

Some members of the faculty, are also concerned about the end of the snow days, said Mark Rimple, Teacher of Musical Theory, History and composition at the West Chester University in Pennsylvania. If there were no more days of snow, they would be lost.

"I have seen some worried emails," he said.

for members of the Faculty with children, it is difficult to teach and paid


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