The appointment of President Biden, the Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, seems to address the confirmation of the Senate after an auditory Wednesday free of fireworks, except if the transgender girls should Compete against the girls of cissender in sports of high school.

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina, the best Republican in the Senate Education Committee, called Cardona "qualified eminently", as the Committee's audience for the Connecticut Education Commissioner ends. Burr said he would work with the Democrats to "be issued to Cardona's approval through the Senate.

Senator Patty Murray of the State of Washington, the Democratic President of the Commission, said it would schedule a vote before Possible to send the cardona nomination before the full Senate.

The audience was lightweight in details. Focusing on the rapid promotion of Cardona of a first-generation immigrant that grows in Connecticut housing projects to become In a teacher of primary school, director and then the principal official of state schools, the audience was a marked contrast of the Betsy Devos of Contentious questioning, Secretary of Education during the Trump administration, faced during its confirmation hearing before of the same panel.

Republican senators for the most outstanding questions of most to Cardona about his commitment to educate rural students, CR Iticing it mainly by the support of Him to the Connecticut policy that allows the transgender girls. To Compete in High School Athletics along with your ciseo colleagues.

The Department of Education under Devos supported an even pending demand for non-transgender girls challenging Connecticut's policy. While Cardona did not specifically say if he will reverse the department's posture, he said that schools have the legal obligation to give transgeneous students the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities.

"Many of us believe that it is strange and" is not very fair, "said Senator Rand Paul, a Republican of Kentucky." That worries me. This is what leads to the vast majority of Americans to think: 'What planet are you from?' Are we going to be fine with a 6-foot boy and 4 boys 6 feet? "

'boldly addressing education the inequities'

" I'm Miguel Cardona, "said Biden's nominee, presenting himself in his opening comments. The first one in his family to graduate from The university, promised to give others the same opportunity.

"For me, education opened doors. That is the promise and power of America. But it is not a promise maintained for each student, "he said." I will work tirelessly to make sure our educational system is a door to the opportunity, a great equalizer for each student.

"We will boldly say the inequities of live education," he said.

Murray contrasted the experience of Cardona to those of Devos.

"Given the Fund of Dr. Cardona, there is no doubt that it is ready for these challenges. And after four years of a Secretary of Education that did not have experience in public education, I am delighted to have A candidate before us, who is a former teacher of primary school, a former assistant professor, a former director and a former assistant superintendent, "Murray said. "As a former preschooler, I know first-hand how valuable the perspective of the classroom is when working on these problems."

And, he added, "Dr. Cardona will not only provide a very necessary teaching experience to the Department, but also an invaluable personal experience. As an English learner, Dr. Cardona knows that all students can succeed When you are given access to a high quality public education. And it has spent all your career working to ensure that each student can reach its maximum potential, regardless of the language they speak, or its zip code, revenue, race, ethnicity, gender , sexual orientation or disability ".

cardona, whose fund is in education K-12, did not detail what he plans to do in higher education. But


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