The Biden Administration on Wednesday announced a large number of appointments with the Department of Education, including the well-known advocates of higher education, people who have worked on behalf of student loan borrowers and several ancient assistants to Senators Democratic Progressive Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Among those called was Michelle Asha Cooper, a long-term educational equity lawyer. She was formally appointed assistant secretary of postsecondary education, as reported by her within the older Wednesday. She was recently president of the Higher Education Policy Institute, which advocates by colleges and universities that make more to help students succeed. In the new role of it in the department, she will be responsible for performing daily higher education operations, but she could have more influence on politics issues than previous officials.

Julie Margetta Morgan, the first of Warren The Higher Education Adviser and his domestic policy adviser during Warren's presidential execution, was appointed main advisor of education still unnamed according to the secretary, the main Officer of the Department on topics of higher education. Morgan, who also served in the Biden Transition team, was vice president of research at Progressive Roosevel Institute, where she created a series of studies to cancel student debt.

In a Roosevelt study of 2018 she - the author of the University of the Professor of Economics at the University of Utah, Marshall Steinbaum, Morgan argued that, although the debt had increased salaries for college graduates , it did not do it between 2000 and 2015 because employers are increasingly university degrees for lower pay payment work.

Melanie Muerenzer, the most recently associated vice president and the provision of academic initiatives at the University of Oregon, was appointed Chief of staff to the Undersecretary.

Muerenzer served in the Department of Education during the Obama administration as a White House Link, Head of Personnel at the Policy Office and Deputy Secretary of Higher Education Policy. Before joining the Department of Education, she worked in the Obama 2008 campaign and her presidential transition team.

Another long-term lawyer of student loan borrowers, Joanna Darcus, was appointed main adviser at the Office of the Department General Council. Darcus was more recently, a staff lawyer at the National Consumer Law Center that focuses on the Consumer Protection Litigation and was a member of its student lender assistance project.

darcus testified before a Subcommittee on Home Financial Services in 2019 during which calls to the strictest regulations for loan administrators, saying they often do not report borrowers about a federal program that It establishes the amount of monthly payments based on income.

"Our work with individual clients has taught us that many borrowers struggle to pay because they never learn or access the benefits of the federal loan program that would make it possible to mild reimbursement," said Darcus to the Committee. "At present, financial incentives for administrators are not aligned with the best interests of student loan borrowers."

Tariq Habash, who had been a Head of Research at the Student Pressorial Protection Center, was appointed Special Assistant for the Office of Planning, Evaluation and Development of Department Policies.

Before joining the center, initiated by Seth Frotman, the Assistant Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Office and the Ombudsman during the Obama administration, Habash was a Senior policy associate to the Foundation of the century, where he worked in affordability, responsibility and problems of protecting consumers of higher education.

Student debt crisis, another defense organization, "excited" with the quotes of Morgan, Darcus and Habash, said Cody Hounanian, director of the organization's program.

"The three have been solid champions for student loan borrowers, and we are sure of

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