Students from the University of Michigan are now under a stay order at the University Administration after a recommendation from the county Department of Health due to a group of cases from one of the new variants of Covid- 19, calls B.1.1. 7.

The new variant, observed for the first time in Great Britain, has now been reported in 32 states and 467 people. Experts have suggested that B.1.1.7 transmits more efficiently and rapidly than previously observed types of the new Coronavirus. British experts have also suggested that the variant can be more deadly.

As of January 27, 14 people in Michigan have been infected with variant B.1.1.7.

In the United States, B.1.1.7 has not caused a great review of health protocols. US universities as a whole continue to plan to bring more students than they did the past semester and to celebrate more in person classes.

But disease control centers and prevention estimates that B.1.1.7 could be the dominant strain that causes us cases in March. The University of Michigan and its cluster approach can be a wicker of the things that came for US institutions.

The goal behind the order of Michigan's house stay is not so much to fully contain the variant. It is to limit propagation and buy the county university and time, said Rick Fitzgerald, Michigan spokesman.

"was designed to give us time to do some of the additional tests to give us a clearer image of most variant in our community," he said. The university is currently doing the weekly tests, then taking all the positive and sequential tests to learn its tension.

The process takes additional time for both the University and for the Washteanw County Health Department. While one of the cases in Michigan connected to travel to Great Britain, said Susan Ringler-Cerniglia, spokesman for the Department of Health, not all cases of variants have connected to that individual.

"How close all those cases are connected or are not connected is what we are trying to find out," she said.

The first level of research of the department is nearby contacts: people who have spent 15 minutes or more within the six feet of someone who is infected, but the department is now looking at "casual contacts", which You may have had a more incidental contact with an infected person, trying to find an unmet propagation. While college and county work to find what is already in the community, they need to limit a greater difference.

The order of the home stay of Michigan is not a complete quarantine. Students are allowed by food, exercise, work and, especially, classes in person.

The University did not observe any transmission of classes in person in the fall, due to the appropriate protocols, such as the mask wearing and social distancing, Fitzgerald said, so keeping face-to-face classes should be safe .

The university has already severely limited the number of classes in person who is holding, he said. About 80 to 90 percent of the courses are online this semester, and the campus is staying only about 2,600 students on campus (down its 10,000 usual). Classes that are currently offered in person are university administrators and faculty faculty, were essential, Fitzgerald said, such as those related to licensing requirements.

For now, the University and the county focus on reducing social gatherings among students who do not live together, which is what they see as the main source of propagation. The order of stay at home is established in the last hour of February 7, at what point it can be extended.

More stringent actions may be necessary if this outbreak continues to grow and groups of additional variants are identified. "The Department of Health said at a launch.

After the first cases were discovered in the Athletics Department of Michigan, the University stopped all the athletic activity of January 23 and told the athletes who enter the quarantine.

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